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5 Ridiculous Horror Movies That Go Over The Level Of Absurdity


Good horror films are supposed to scare their viewers. Fear is one of the most important emotions that horror should evoke. And a lot of good horror films have done just that.

But in this genre there are also films that also tried to scare their audience, but something did not go according to plan. And instead of fear, the viewer got some kind of nonsense that causes only laughter.

There are a lot of such ridiculous horror films. These films are not scary. They have crazy ideas, awkward plots, cheap makeup and special effects. And although they do not scare, they still have their own charm. Such films can make you laugh much better than any comedy.

Today we’ll just talk about such films and see how the attempts of filmmakers to scare their audience turned out to be a failure. There will be just bad horror films, and trash films, which were conceived in order to make the viewer laugh.

Troll 2 (1990)

Let's start with the most legendary ridiculous horror in the history of cinema . In addition to all the lists of the worst horror films, this picture often flashes in the lists of the worst films in the history of cinema.

The film tells the story of an ordinary family that is trying to escape from the attack of a gang of goblins. 

Yes, goblins. There are no trolls here. The title of the movie is misleading. Also, this film has nothing to do with the film "Troll" (1986) .

The film "Troll 2" is a real hodgepodge of cinematic absurdities. Everything is bad here: a boring script, inept directing, useless acting. And the acting work is very much fun here. Watching the characters react to scary moments is just hilarious.

Killer Clowns from Space (1987)

It's a good movie. Yes, like a horror film - it's not great, but still it's not a shameful picture in cinema. Trash of pure water. But good trash. The plot here is pretty crazy. But that doesn't mean anything bad.

The film is about an alien invasion of Earth. But this picture shows a completely atypical "invasion". Aliens here act under the guise of clowns, luring visitors with a cheerful spectacle. Although only those who will watch this film will get a cheerful spectacle.

This is where the real absurdity happens. And when you see all this, it doesn’t fit in your head how the filmmakers could come up with this.

Curdled (2005)

Some people love cookies. Someone is not. It's a matter of taste. But can cookies scare you? Probably not. It's a cookie! But the creators of this horror thought differently. In their opinion, cookies can still scare!

And this erroneous opinion played a cruel joke with the creators of the film "Caked" because the place of horror, the audience got a comedy.

The story tells about a cookie, which was inhabited by the soul of a criminal. And now this cookie began to attack people.

Already from this description, you can understand what to expect from the film. And the movie is a spectacle! A living little and very angry cookie that is trying to hold a revolver or a large knife in his hand - this is something with something! The movie proves 2 things.

1) Cookies can't scare.

2) Cookies can make you laugh.

Birdcalypse: Shock and Awe (2010)

Something strange began to happen to the birds. They started attacking people. The real nightmare begins. A group of people will try to fight back the angry birds.

Doesn't sound so crazy does it? You can imagine a normal film with such an idea. Remember at least the Hitchcock movie - "The Birds" . He managed to make a decent movie.

But "Birdcalypse" can not be called a worthy film. This is a very bad movie. So bad that it's hard to even imagine that such a bad movie could at least someone make. But someone made it.

If you've ever wanted to see what a really bad movie looks like, then this movie is a great example of that kind of movie category. Everything is bad here: the plot, acting, directing. But the worst thing about this movie is the special effects. They are the ones who mess the most around here. It is impossible to look at these attacking “computer birds” without a smile on your face.

Snowman (1997)

The film tells about a dangerous criminal who turned into a snowman and now begins to attack the inhabitants of the town.

As a horror movie, you can criticize it as much as you like. But still, it can be praised. In a sense, this is a good movie that can amuse with its absurdity and cheapness.


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