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6 cool comedies about the police

 Today, comedies are presented to your attention, in which the main characters are the gentlemen of the police, who protect the peace and tranquility of citizens, and, of course, fight crime. We meet 6 great comedies about "cops":

1. Rush hour

Just a legendary comedy that has not lost its freshness today. The film is very light, dynamic, a lot of fights and dialogues, full of jokes and humor. According to the plot, two partners, police officers of the most different character, are fighting against organized crime. If you've watched it for a long time, check it out!

2. Macho and nerd

The main characters in the film are former classmates who have just graduated from the academy. At school, one of them was a nerd and the other was a tough guy. Years later, they go on a mission to the school, they have to figure out the drug dealer and try on the school uniform again.

3. Bad boys

The film tells us about two best friends working in the police. They are the complete opposite of each other: one is an exemplary family man and a loving father, and the other is a rich man and a ladies' man. They need to solve cases as soon as possible and "be in someone else's shoes" of their friend.

4. Police story

The picture introduces us to police officer Kevin Chanyu (Jackie Chan), who has just taken part in the capture of a major drug dealer Chu Thou. The only witness is the secretary Thou, who was supposed to be guarded by Kevin, but on the day of the trial she disappears, and the policeman himself is framed and accused of murder.

5. Once Upon a Time in Ireland

The film will be more likely to be found as a comedy by those who like English humor, here it is more likely even a comedy drama. In the story, the main character is Sergeant Jerry Boyle, who, along with FBI agent Wendell Everett, confronts a gang of drug dealers.

6. Naked gun

The film parodies the television series about police officers of the time. The main character is Lieutenant Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen. He is incredibly unraveling cases and now he has to uncover an international conspiracy to save the lives of the English queen.

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