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Forever eighteen: stars who do not look their age

 “First - a cauldron with cold water, then with hot, the last with boiling milk” - this is a recipe from the fairy tale about the Humpbacked Horse, which was supposed to give a person eternal youth. The method is untested and risky, so it is unlikely that anyone will dare to repeat in life the adventure of Ivan, the hero of that very fairy tale.

However, when looking at some celebrities, one gets the impression that they definitely have some kind of magic tool at their disposal - if not seething cauldrons, then rejuvenating apples or a personal genie. The appearance of these people seemed to have refused to obey time, and without appropriate documents it can be difficult to believe in their real age.

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 Jennifer Aniston

Agree, the number 53 does not fit in with the appearance of this famous actress. Aniston's filmography has more than 50 points, but most of all she was remembered by the audience for her role in the popular TV series Friends, in which she played Rachel Green. The first series with her participation was released almost 30 years ago, and the appearance of the actress has not changed much since then, as if starring in the TV series Quantum Leap, she really mastered the technique of conquering time.

Jared Leto

Looking at this man, one gets the impression that filming, rock music and tattoos can slow down aging, or even completely reverse it. The incredible discrepancy between the age and appearance of the American star can certainly be the envy of many. But this year, Jared will be 51 years old. The actor will not talk much about his personal life. However, he could not hide from the press the information that he had never been married and generally had little long-term relationships, and also did not eat fish and meat. Do you think bachelorhood and vegetarianism might be the secret to eternal youth?

Halle Berry

“At 45, a berry again” - this phrase is applicable to women who only get prettier after reaching the specified age. This is doubly funny, because the name of the actress is translated into Russian as "berry". The Hollywood actress started her career in the modeling business, after that she appeared at screen tests and was able to hook the directors. Halle managed to take part in more than 50 films and receive many prestigious awards - and this is in her 56 years. At the beginning of the 90s, the actress experienced serious health problems, but, as we can see, this did not affect her appearance, which is still worthy of model catwalks.

Keanu Reeves

Sometimes, in order to realize how quickly time flies, it is enough to see the release year of your favorite films. For example, the famous paintings "Matrix" and "Constantine" with the participation of this actor were released in 1991 and 2005, respectively. But it seems that quite recently they were called “novelties” in the box office.\

Meanwhile, Keanu himself turns 58 this year, which cannot be said from his appearance. A well-known actor, director, producer, musician, Reeves, in addition to all of the above, devotes a lot of time to charity. Perhaps, after all these activities, he simply does not have time to grow old?

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