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How was the "transformers" filmed and what happened to the actors 15 years later?

 Good day, readers of my channel. Many, including myself, watched cartoons based on transformers in childhood. What could be cooler than robotic cars if you are 7 years old? That's what the filmmakers thought. In 2007, the first part of the long-term construction of transformers was released. Now the first parts of the franchise are considered classics of science fiction for many. Today I want to tell you about how these films were shot, where they disappeared and what happened to the actors 15 years later? Happy viewing!

Toys for adults

Megatron in the 1984 cartoon
Megatron in the 1984 cartoon

Initially, transformers were just children's toys. The American company  Hasbro collaborated with the Japanese and at some point was able to create those same transformers. Toys quickly took over the American market, and soon a cartoon was released that told the story of the Transformers themselves.

Hasbro produced extremely popular toys and at some point decided to master the film industry. At first they wanted to film  "GI Joe" , but the political situation was not the most successful (the war in Iraq). Then the company remembered the transformers. Tom De Santo , who had previously worked on X-men , was involved in the creation of a promising project De Santo became a screenwriter and wrote an interesting enough story that, being a child, could also impress adults.

...The film will have those very Spielbergian moments when you feel like a 10-year-old child and will look at the screen with your mouth open, even if you are already 35.Tom De Santo

The film was produced by Steven Spielberg himself , who knew how to shoot fairy tale stories for everyone. As a director, Spielberg spotted Michael Bay . The latter initially refused to work on a new project, considering it to be another "stupid toy movie" . But after talking to Spielberg and reading the first script, Bay changed his mind. Largely thanks to him, we got those same Transformers. Michael Bay wanted to make a more realistic and dark film, but he was pushed into the +12 rating  .

Film work

Initially reluctant to direct the film, Michael Bay approached the filming of the first part with enthusiasm. Very quickly, the universe captivated him, and now he is already choosing the machines into which future robots will transform. Bay's task was not just to show evil and good robots. He emphasized that they were aliens. Of course, this approach had a very strong impact on the budget of the film.

In order to have enough funds for filming, Bay gave up a third of his profits, and chose the United States as a filming location . The director caught fire with work and was able to overfulfill the shooting plan. This was facilitated by the fact that the US Army helped with the filming process. They provided equipment, extras and shooting ranges. In many ways, the poet in the first two parts of the films shows so much of the military. In exchange for resources, the army received good PR.

Frame from the first part of the film
Frame from the first part of the film

The transformers themselves were created on a computer. Although 12 scenes in the film used animatronic parts. The most expensive part of the film is the graphics . Fabulous money was spent on the transformation of robots alone. Studio ILM had to work out in detail and realistically the process of turning a car into a robot and vice versa. It took 38 hours to process one such animation frame , but it was definitely worth it. What is most interesting, when creating the Autobots, the animators were inspired by quite real actors. So, Optimus Prime adopted the features of Liam Neeson , and Bumblebee was created under the influence of Michael J. Fox (Marty from Back to the Future).

My favorite scene is when the Autobots hide from Sam's parents, it has a lot of humor and spectacular night lightingScott Farrar, head of special effects on the film

Music was the final touch in the making of the film. Most of the film's ambient music was written by Steve Jablonsky , with whom Michael Bay was collaborating at the time. Also, many famous musicians were brought in to promote the film, including Linkin Park and HIM . Interestingly, Tom De Santo (screenwriter) wanted to hear an orchestral version of the theme from the cartoon in the film, but Michael Bay did not take this idea seriously, wanting to abstract from the "children's cartoons". On June 11, 2007, the world premiere of the film took place .

Success, pipeline and burnout

The first part of the film, with a budget of 150 million dollars, was able to pay off almost five times. The sequel was obvious. And Michael Bay himself was not against it. He liked the story, as well as the universe of the film. After 2 years, the long-awaited sequel to Transformers was released, subtitled Revenge of the Fallen . The budget got even bigger, and the story seemed bigger. The film was a more expensive sequel to the first part. Music has become even more. For the second part, tracks were recorded by such groups as: Cheap Trick, Nickelback, Linkin Park and Green Day . The fees of the sequel again pleased the studio. With a budget of $200 million, the film managed to collect 800 million evergreens.

In 2011, a truly triumphant sequel comes out. The film's budget was cut slightly, but at the same time it grossed as much as $ 1 billion at the box office . The mind-blowing box office performance contrasted with critical reviews:

His special effects - and 3D footage - are undeniably impressive, but not enough to fill his loud, bloated time or mask his thin, indifferent script.Rotten Tomatoes Consensus

On average, critics gave 5/6 out of 10 . It is not surprising. Rewatching the movie now, except for the beautiful graphics, you will not see anything. But where do these fees come from? Yes, everything is very simple. This time the film covered the global market, including the Chinese one. Even our group "Tatu" took part in the advertising campaign of the film. After that, Bay's reputation suffered. The most accurate description of him was given in Time magazine:

For better or worse, Bay is the soul of the new machine, the poet of post-human cinema, the CEO of Hollywood's military entertainment complex.Richard Corliss, Time journalist

After the trilogy, Michael Bay wanted to end the franchise, but money, as they say, does not smell. Incredible movie box office allowed the studio to increase Bay's fee. The once beloved and unique franchise that Bay directed against the wishes of the studio has now been brought to life.

I made too many Transformers. Steven Spielberg told me: "Stop at the third part." And I said I would stop. But the studio begged me to make a fourth film, I made it, and then it made a billion dollars. And I said again that I was done with Transformers. And the studio began to beg me again. I should have stopped. Although it was fun to work on them.Mile Bay

The fourth part, subtitled "The Age of Extermination," followed the same path. In an attempt to somehow refresh the story, the cast was updated and dinosaur robots were added. Critics did not appreciate this approach, and the film received even lower ratings than the previous part. However, with the fees everything was fine. With the same budget, the studio was again able to get the coveted billion dollars.

Michael Bay was brought in to create the fifth part, which was released in 2017 . The film again turned out to be secondary, but this time not only the ratings, but also the box office suffered. Without knocking out the required billion, the studio became less interested in working on a sequel. Because of this, Paramount lost its main trump card - Michael Bay. He refused to work on the franchise as a director.

In 2018, a prequel to the story was released, designed for a more children's audience. Bumblebee was a mediocre film that failed to impress audiences. Given that it was released in the Chinese market, the film grossed a modest half a billion dollars on a budget of $135 million. At first glance, it seems that this is a good result, but taking into account the advertising campaign, the film hardly paid off twice. Compared to previous projects, this is dust in the wind.

Crazy LaBeouf and Scandalous Fox

Many are interested in what happened to the actors of the franchise. Shia LaBeouf disappeared after the third part. The reason for this was his scandalous behavior. Due to his addiction to substances and the incidents he regularly got into, the studio terminated his contract. Megan Fox left after the second part because of her "stupidity" and carelessness. She compared Michael Bay to Hitler , for which she was personally fired by Steven Spielberg.

Michael has created a reputation for himself as a deranged vile psycho. He wants to be on the court like Hitler. He's a nightmare at work, but when you're with him off set and he's no longer directing, I enjoy being around him, he's so clumsy. He has absolutely no communication skills. He's so vulnerable and weak in real life, but on set he's a tyrantMegan Fox

After Transformers, LaBeouf tried to act in more serious films. In 2013, he took part in Nymphomaniac , and in 2014 he played in the film Fury . Interestingly, for the last film, he cut his hand to better enter the character. Now Shia acts in films less often, but his roles have really become more serious. Megan Fox's career almost ended after Transformers. She tried in a more serious movie, but critics did not appreciate her game. The actress played April in  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . Megan worked with Michael Bay again. This time, she was more careful in her statements. Only now, many criticized the film precisely because of Fox. The audience thought that she was not suitable for the role. After 2016, her career finally began to decline.The actress proved that mediocre acting is behind the defiant appearance .

Joe Duhamel , who played Colonel Lennox, didn't become a movie star either. After transformers, he did not receive significant roles. In 2017, he was called to shoot the fifth part of the film franchise. After that, he did not play much anywhere. He ended his career in 2018.

But John Turturro , who embodied the image of Simmons, did not disappear from television screens. After Transformers, he continued his career. He recently played one of the main villains in The Batman . Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made her debut as an actress in the third part of Transformers. She could not replace Megan Fox, so she was not invited to further parts. In 2015, she played one of the main roles in Mad Max . This is the end of her career for now.


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