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The task is to get into an uncomfortable car - a selection of photos of cars that are difficult to get into

 It seems that the ideal car should be comfortable, practical and even inexpensive. But for some reason, cool cars in the eyes of ordinary people rarely have the described qualities, and sometimes they are completely far from them. For example, in some cars it is difficult to conveniently network, which is why a lot of funny pictures appear on the Internet where people are trying to do this. Today we will consider them, we wish you pleasant reading.

sports cars

Low cars with a minimum of space in the cabin. Often there is, in principle, no second row, but at the same time there is little space left for the driver.

There are many cars of this class that are difficult for overweight people to get into. The main thing is to try it on in the car well before buying, so as not to be disappointed later. On the other hand, trips in such cars can hardly be called particularly comfortable. They have a different philosophy and tasks.

Three doors in a car. Classic

In many situations, it is not at all clear why the engineers decided to make this type of body. This gives a lot of inconvenience to passengers in the back row, while giving a minimum of benefits. To simply get into the car, the passenger or driver will have to leave their seat, and it will also be necessary to layer the seat.

high cars 

And there are even more surprising situations. For example, when the car is very high and it is very difficult to get into the salon without additional accessories. From the outside, all this looks funny, but if you forget about where you are and get out of such a car without a footboard, you can be significantly injured. But, most likely, the owners of such cars get used to them. 


Surprisingly, there are cars on the market that are literally not recommended for people of great stature. Because of this, people over 180 centimeters tall cannot always more or less comfortably sit in economical city cars.

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