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And on a hike, and on a visit, and on the road. My lucky find is a brush that doesn't need toothpaste.

 How I was looking forward to this summer! Sea, trips, hiking, come off to the fullest.

True, my summer vacation was diluted with divorce and repairs in the house (with my own hands). But one thing, if you really want it, does not interfere with the other. And the first campaign has recently taken place.

From a young age, I teach my son to wild tourism. Carrying backpacks and sleeping in a tent is no longer a novelty for him at 4 years old. But, even with such a reliable companion, I have to drag a lot and hard.  

Much of this is my baggage.  Not bad, right?))
Much of this is my baggage. Not bad, right?))

I do my best to minimize the load, while at the same time making the rest as comfortable as possible.

I recently found something weird. A toothbrush that doesn't need toothpaste. It is located right in it, it is very convenient, and not only for hiking.

What is the essence of this miracle thing?

It's time to brush your teeth - pressed the button, there was a paste. Exactly as much as needed for the procedure.

The amount in the brush is enough for 2 months if you brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, just like doctors advise you to change your toothbrush.

This is the development of French dentists. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail - the shape of the handle and the brush itself, special rounded bristles coated with silver ions so as not to scratch the gums and not to breed microbes.

For transportation and storage, the brush comes with a tight-fitting cap. It does not allow you to press the button to supply the paste, so you don’t have to wrap the brush in a bag, worry so that it doesn’t get dirty. No tubes of paste and smeared things, if suddenly it accidentally bursts in a backpack and the paste spreads (there have been precedents)).  

And this one is convenient
And this one is convenient

I ordered a set of two adult brushes and one children's brush. Children, by the way, a separate issue.

There, the scales are softer, and the paste is different, fruity, as children like.

A single portion is much smaller than an adult, exactly the same as needed. This is also a big plus, the child will not squeeze too little or too much onto the brush.

By the way, about the amount of paste for one cleaning. Do you know that we are used to squeezing it out too much?

The reason for this is the advertising of pastes, greetings from the 90s. There, the brush was pressed 3 times more than normal. Marketing. To buy pasta more often.  

These brushes help me out not only on hikes. The house continues to be renovated (everything, guys, dragged, now you can’t stop it). We don’t have a bathroom yet, and everything from there lies like a mountain in the kitchen, and clouds of dust hover in the air. We clean our teeth right there, in the kitchen, conveniently and hygienically, another plus in favor of these brushes.

This is my bathroom right now.
This is my bathroom right now.

As for prices, they are quite democratic. Given that this is coconut charcoal paste (how much are they in stores now?), The quality and ease of serving come out fine. In addition, you can take it only on the road, it will turn out very economically.

Brushes can be ordered on this site . When ordering, do not forget to enter the promotional code PAMPUSHKA. He will give you a 20% discount.

How are your brushes? Do you like it? Would you like one like this? Like and write.