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'Beyond the Line': The starving people of India living in pipes with young children

 India has never been categorized as a country with a high standard of living. With a fairly large population of more than one billion people, more than 30% of ordinary people are below the poverty line.

These people need absolutely everything, from basic food to housing. Some documentary photographers have been able to travel to such areas of India and capture the real life of such people in pictures.

Since the country is warm, the local residents of the slums, who do not even have a roof over their heads, equip pipes instead of huts. After carrying out various construction works, pipes in the country always remain quite a lot, so almost all the poor get one or two cuts as housing.

In the pipes, local residents spend the night, dry their clothes and eat. Such "houses" have long become a kind of dwelling for the poor. People sitting inside pipes have not surprised anyone for a long time. Law enforcement agencies are loyal to this phenomenon. Conditions for hygiene in such areas are completely absent.

The only option to wash are the nearby rivers. If there is no reservoir near the pipes, then the locals have to go to the nearest one. Sometimes the journey can take several hours. In some areas, reservoirs are located at a distance of half an hour from the "housing pipes".

Stealing in India is not accepted even among the poorest segments of the population. Criminal elements resort to this method of providing for themselves, but these are separate groups of the population. Honest people in such areas avoid such ways of existence. They live on alms.

Handouts have long been a staple of the lifestyle of India's poor. People from the slums openly ask for help from outsiders. Very often, children approach passers-by directly and ask to be fed. Kind people never pass by, and always treat the locals with cakes and other delicacies. Sometimes even food is brought to poor families, but those that do not spoil.

Pipe quarters "have long become an integral part of India. Many people equip their lives in an ordinary building pipe, they have children who inherit the property of their parents. All pipes are strictly distributed among different families. It is forbidden to enter other people's pipes.

For local residents, this is the same as trying to break into an apartment with a stranger. The reaction can be aggressive and ambiguous. It is almost impossible for a country to break out of the vicious circle of poverty if a person was born in a certain caste. For this reason, the poor lead the way of life to which they have a birthright. And such quarters are ineradicable. Every year there are only more of them.

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