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How does a divorcee live, and even with excess weight. Any prospects or is it a fiasco?

 I met an old friend once. The last time we saw each other was 6 years ago, back in my last single life.

Since then, I have accumulated an impressive baggage of events: I got married, experienced the joy of motherhood, got divorced and gained a lot of excess weight (although I lost some, but some still remained).

Most of all, my friend was impressed by the divorce and excess weight (she herself has no less, but she is with her husband)) It's so funny to watch a person trying to find words to express his bewilderment to me.

With the help of roundabout phrases, she did say. If it were direct, it would look something like this:

- How did you decide to divorce? After all, you are already under 40! (I'm actually 36, and what difference does that make?).  

How will a child grow up without a father? (why without a father? I do not forbid them to communicate, he can come at any time).

- It's hard to pull a child alone! (And why should he be "pulled"? Work, develop, take care of your son, and he will pull himself up as it should).

- The child will grow up, and you will be left alone! (Why would I? Actually, I'm not going to go live in the taiga or on a desert island. Although the island is worth thinking about;)).

“Men love thin people. It will be difficult for you to find a decent man!

This is where I burst out laughing. So that's what she's getting at all the time!

It so happened historically that part of our society considers a divorced woman with a child a second-class woman. And if she is also not quite young and not quite slender, you can generally put an end to her.

Education, intellect, inner core, upbringing, humanity, and outwardly given in the end (and this is not only slender legs) - it's all unimportant. A divorcee is a stigma, and an overweight divorcee is even more so.

In short, I did not dissuade that friend of anything. What is the point if a person is used to living by this stigma. It is better to be with a peasant, whatever he is: always vicious, drunk, greedy. But the main thing is that there is!

Meanwhile, in 2 months of FREE LIFE, I made repairs in my house (half by myself, with my own hands). I continue to grow and work. Relax, meet friends, ride, have fun. And by the way, I feel like I've lost weight.

How much - I will take measurements at the beginning of that week. Why exactly - then I'll tell you;)  

As for the new man, I don't want to rush. Let's live together with Egor for now, and then we'll see.