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How to remove black dots on the face for only 5 rubles. Come on, I'll teach you.

 What are black dots?

Their correct name is comedones. These are enlarged pores filled with sebum mixed with dirt (fu, how disgusting!)

You can get rid of comedones with the help of salon cleanings, but this is not cheap and rather unpleasant.

I have been to ultrasonic, laser and mechanical cleanings. The most unpleasant, as for me, is manual, when using special tools.

Brr.. Like in a torture chamber😵‍💫
Brr.. Like in a torture chamber😵‍💫

the beautician squeezes out everything that the time is clogged with. These places swell, turn red, and no matter how carefully the procedure is carried out, it is still an impact, and very aggressive.⠀

Lasers and ultrasound are less traumatic, but they are much more expensive.

After any cleaning, the skin becomes sensitive, you need to protect it from the sun, do not scrub, be careful with cosmetics, do not touch it with your hands again, so as not to cause irritation and inflammation.

I am not saying that home cleansing can replace the work of a beautician. If the skin is oily, prone to acne, it is necessary to periodically go to the salon. But to maintain the effect, or for those who have no significant problems, but only blackheads, this home care can suit.

Its big plus is the low price and the fact that the ingredients are always at hand. For the procedure, you only need one egg and a paper napkin.

Like this, tighter
Like this, tighter

It is necessary to separate the protein from the yolk and mix it well with a fork or whisk. Apply (more conveniently with a brush) a thin layer on the area where there are black dots. Glue a napkin on top, you can cut it out in advance, making the necessary shape.

On top of the napkin, apply another layer of protein and leave on the face for 15-20 minutes so that the protein grabs well.

You need to remove the napkin very carefully, and always from the bottom up, so as not to stretch the skin. What was in your pores will remain on the napkin, and the skin will breathe, it is very pleasant.

After that, I do not use any cosmetics (tonic, cream), but use it either in the evening, if I did the procedure before lunch, or the next day, if I cleaned it at night.

Do you get blackheads? How do you remove them? Like and write.

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