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Pamela Anderson: an actress who independently chose sexuality as her main trump card

 A pretty face, a red swimsuit, curvy shapes and a shock of blond hair - just everyone knows about Pamela Anderson. If now we have, let's say, Kim Kardashian "in trend", then Pamela, or, as many called her, Pam, was really considered the real star of the 90s.

She was a real icon of her time: an actress, TV presenter, model, and just the same woman whose photo hung in every second man's garage. They dreamed about her and admired her, but only Anderson herself was far from delighted with her role, with which the woman could not part.

The future star was born in the most ordinary family. Her mother was a waitress, and her father was an ordinary worker. The parents did not notice anything special about their daughter: she loved sports, was positive and cheerful, but there were not enough stars from the sky.

Thanks to her love of physical activity, Pamela enrolled in fitness instructor courses after school and got a job as a physical education teacher. And who would have thought that absolutely everything will change the fatal case. Once at the stadium, Pamela was accidentally filmed by the operator of the local TV channel. And Anderson was so impressed with her appearance that she was invited to work in advertising. And off we go...

Filming in Playboy, a role in "Baywatch" - all this lifted Anderson to the pinnacle of fame. Despite the role of a silly woman with magnificent forms, Pamela was actively involved in charitable activities: she was worried about the issue of protecting animals, she tried her best to fight stereotypes in society.

Pamela's fame grew by the hour. She was considered one of the most important models for men's magazines, and her sexuality was set as an example. However, there were those who reproached the actress for this, but was it her fault? She looked the way she wanted. As you know, no one forced Anderson to wear bright makeup on the set, however, she herself was more comfortable with makeup on her face.

She loved frankness, loved to attract the attention of the press and men. It was Anderson who, by her own example, showed that sex really sells easily. And contributed to that and time and views in society.

Someone else's opinion, as Pamela herself said, was of little interest to her. Yes, people around will always have their own image of Anderson: she is a tall blonde with a magnificent bust and a naive smile. It even looks like a cartoon character. However, in life, the actress was completely different. Open and ostentatious vulgarity is her personal choice, but not for ordinary everyday life, but for the movie screen. 

At the same time, there are many tragic moments in the history of Anderson. They raised a hand against her, he survived the rape, and, of course, because of her sexy appearance, Pam had to experience excessive attention to her person quite a few times.

Pam is now 54 years old. She is an adult, independent woman, who still has a veil of former glory and the title of "sex symbol".