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Shirts: how to wear them this summer

 This article is about one of the most masculine items in the wardrobe: a shirt, but we will talk about its presence in women. Fashion dictates to us not only the styles and colors of things that will come in handy this season, but also how they should be worn. This summer, completely diverse shirts are returning to fashion: cotton and denim, with prints, without prints, multi-colored and plain, linen, with long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves: these models have long settled in the women's wardrobe of street fashionistas, and today we will talk about how to wear them.

Shirts are great to wear in the heat - they don’t get hot, they can be worn in hot weather for a business meeting and look your best at the same time, as well as just pass for a fashionista and catch admiring and envious glances. But how to combine them this summer and what to wear? The answer is very simple and cannot but rejoice: you can wear them with anything and in any way you like and combine them with any things that only your heart desires! Designers offer us such an incredible number of models this summer that everyone will be able to find something suitable for themselves, whether it is a model of a classic cut, sporty or the most extravagant. The most successful combinations this summer are a shirt plus light shorts or a skirt, as well as high-waisted pencil skirts, bell-shaped skirts, short denim shorts at the waist and leather shorts,

A traditional summer combination with a shirt, which will be absolutely win-win anywhere and in any situation, is a shirt plus jeans, especially if it's white jeans. And pay special close attention to accessories - let them be bright, so that they become the very shading spot in your bright look! Choose large earrings, large heavy link collars, layered bracelets and large cocktail rings set with precious or semi-precious stones. And if you don’t really like to adorn yourself with such bold accessories, then focus on makeup, for example, draw arrows or make up your lips with a bright color, for example, red or fuchsia, fashionable this season.

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