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Terrible lips, poverty, and dirty water for the whole family - documentary photos about life in Africa

 The everyday life of Africans has certain characteristics, which are primarily justified by a meager financial situation and distance from civilization. Most African regions are among the poorest in the world.

 There are no elementary conditions for life in such places, and traditions and customs prevail. Such areas are of interest to documentary photographers, who from time to time go on trips to such places and capture the real state of affairs in African communities.

In the absence of elementary opportunities to wash in the shower, Africans wash children in special vats. There they pour water and bathe the children one by one.
The amount of water is limited, so one tub of water is used by all family members. It is unhygienic and looks unpleasant from the outside, but such is the reality of African life, which has not changed for many years.

In addition, the quality of the water itself also leaves much to be desired, but the people simply have no other choice, and they have to be content with what they have.

Representatives of African society honor traditions more than laws. And customs provide for some specific features of the appearance of women.
So, starting from an early age, a special disk is inserted into the lip of girls.

It stretches as it ages, which is a testament to the rising status of women in the African community. The larger the disk, the higher the level of honor and respect. In adult women, the size of the disk reaches several tens of centimeters in diameter. In order to insert a disc into the lip, it is necessary to remove all the front teeth. Africans also carry out this procedure on their own. They don't care about hygiene standards.

Taking food with your hands is another feature of African life.
Some documentarians have managed to capture the process of eating Africans. In some tribes, as in ancient times, people boil food in a large cauldron, then put it on a common plate, from which all members of the tribe take food in order of seniority. Food in Africa is also specific. This photograph captures one of the dishes of Africans.

Hairstyles, painted bodies in accordance with belonging to a particular tribe, specific hairstyles with which Africans can not wash their hair for weeks, bedspreads and sheets instead of clothes - all these moments are integral to African life.