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The endocrinologist has appointed or nominated the analysis on deficiency of vitamins. This is one of the reasons why weight grows or does not go away.

 I would never have thought that, having lived all my life in the Crimea, I would experience a lack of vitamins. The sun shines almost all year round (vitamin D), vegetables and fruits ripen in the open field, the sea can be seen from the windows (iodine, although not a vitamin, is also very important).

But there is a deficiency, and this causes serious health problems, in my case, hormonal ones.

I visited an endocrinologist, and, in addition to testing for hormones, she immediately prescribed an analysis for a lack of vitamins.

After all, if they are sorely lacking, the body is depleted (but a person does not lose weight, more often on the contrary) and begins to store reserves in the form of fat. Draws on sweet, starchy foods, a person eats as if not in himself, and the body again deposits reserves. There are few vitamins in such products, and at least something must be saved to satisfy this acute deficiency.

There is an imbalance of all body systems, health is seriously affected.

To avoid such problems, there is only one right solution - to eat fully. Refuse fast food, pastries, sweets, they do not have vitamins. Instead, eat more fruits, vegetables and greens.

I really have a deficit. Even at the end of summer, the body did not get the right amount of useful food.

And to reinforce it, the doctor prescribed vitamins.

I took the Indian Vitax complexes.

First of all, I attracted the composition.

Usually the content of each component in the complexes is quite small. Therefore, doctors recommend taking the main vitamins separately. These are the optimal doses.

My complex, for immunity and replenishment of an acute shortage, contains a wide range of vitamins: A, C, E, D and group B, plus the most important minerals. Also in the composition of extracts of green tea, carrots and grape seeds.

This company produces 5 different complexes: to increase energy, to maintain the cardiovascular system, for the liver, for the gastrointestinal tract and mine, for immunity.

I also liked that they are packaged in Belarus. I have a long-standing confidence in the quality of Belarusian products.

And the price is quite democratic. For a package for 30 days, 550-750 rubles comes out, this is cheaper than well-known analogues, many of which have poorer compositions.

I took  it here . It is convenient to buy at Valberis, and vitamins are cheaper than in a pharmacy.

I have been drinking my complex for the third week now and I feel great. I think that my cheerfulness and ability to work in such a hot weather is due to the fact that the body has finally started working.

How do you feel in the heat? Put your finger up👍 and write.

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