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The most beautiful Russian women according to English-language sites

 I am regularly accused here of posting any kind of girls, but not ours, not Russians. “Ours are the best!”, “Where are ours?”, “Why aren’t there Russians?” - approximately the same essence slips in a number of comments.

But the point is not that someone is better or worse. I really don't like these criteria. What does better mean? How can you even compare women? How is this beauty measured? In the depths of the eyes? Waist size? Luxurious hair? Or is there a universal quality standard? Somewhere put a stamp on the photo "Beautiful"?

Of course, there are no criteria. All these opinions are subjective and are not substantiated by anything other than personal interest. I could throw out a selection of photos of our girls myself, but it would be an easy way. And as you know, we are not looking for simple ways. Therefore, I got into the English-speaking Internet and decided to look what foreigners actually think about Russian women and who they consider beautiful.

By God, I was sure that the main stream of photos would be associated with some beauty contests or glossy magazines. We have enough models, but what was my surprise when I found in the bulk of completely different types and completely different surnames.

I am sure that you will also be surprised by the choice of foreign sites. And by the way, sometimes they write to me here that I mindlessly tear up information from other sites. Let's link to at least one, from where I took and copied something. It never occurred to me to drive someone else's text into the translator and give it to you. And never will. Because it's not pretty. On the same prologue can be considered finished and let's go.

In the title photo, Maria Sharapova and here, probably, the choice of the editors is clear. She is known outside of Russia and for this reason they decided to insert her into the selection. Exactly the same story, apparently, with Anna Kournikova.

But for what reasons Lera Kudryavtseva got into such collections, I sincerely do not understand. No, I don't think she's scary. God save me from posting such labels, but as I said above, the choice of a number of girls more than surprised me.

Do you know who Alina Artz is? I didn't know we had such a singer. Still, it affects the fact that I keep my distance from modern popular music. But today we are not talking about vocal data, but rely solely on the opinion of foreign partners regarding the appearance of Russian girls.

Do you recognize this woman who sings? I have no doubt that they did. She was also included in the list of Russian beauties. Yes, the ladies go here chaotically without any seats. We also did not have enough places to distribute to our Russian women.

Kristina Orbakaite also got on the list. She has a specific look. For my modest taste, she certainly does not pull on a beauty queen.

But if the previous candidates may cause me some questions, then they certainly will not arise for the singer Glucose. That's what I really think deservedly beautiful. Very bright and effective lady.

Alena Sviridova also made it to the list. Now, in my opinion, a forgotten singer. Although in the 90s it was quite famous. Remember all those pink flamingos of hers? I wonder if she still sings now?

Of course, Alina Kabaeva is also here. She was really interesting when she was young.

Again, a domestic athlete - Maria Kirilenko. In general, in the west, I will look at it this way, they are actively watching our tennis players. Although there are girls in other sports.

I didn’t expect to see Ksenia Sobchak in the list of beauties. Of course, she is a memorable lady, but, in my opinion, there are much more beautiful girls in our villages. Another issue is that they are little known abroad.

Pictured is Ksenia Borodina. I had to go online to find out who she was. It turns out to be a very famous person, but I am a dark person and do not know many famous compatriots.

Surprisingly, our actresses are also known in the West. Here, for example, Elena Zakharova. The paradox is that I also know her outwardly, but I can’t remember a single film where she played. Although this young lady has more than a dozen roles.

Do you remember a woman like Dana Borisova? Once, I know for sure, she hosted the Domino Principle. And before that, such a strange thing as the "Army Store". I have never met a person who would watch this program with interest. One of those mysterious products of our television, which was made incomprehensibly to anyone. On the other hand, if the project existed for so many years, it means that it still had some kind of audience.

Probably, the singer Alsu deservedly got into the so-called foreign top of Russian beauties. On the other hand, what if you wash off her makeup? Okay, okay, I'm not going to develop this theory.

The famous Anfisa Chekhova also got there. It seems that those who prepared the materials simply listed all the more or less famous women and thrust them into articles. Anfisa is a specific lady, of course, but I cannot call her charming.

However, I personally agree with the choice of some girls. Here, for example, the famous Natalia Vodianova. It deserves to be mentioned. A really beautiful girl and quite famous outside of Russia.

And this is Anna Semenovich. I caught myself thinking that before I read the list of women I had no idea what she looked like. And what she sings, I don't know either. Not my music.

The next girl is Liza Boyarskaya. Yes, there really is something in it for my taste. Perhaps, it can be attributed to the beauties.

There is also something in the singer Nyusha. She's a singer, right?

But who is Victoria Bonya, I had to peep on the Internet again. It turns out that she is an actress, a presenter, and a model. But I didn't know who she was. Would you say it's not patriotic? Well, yes. I am not a patriot of our modern culture.

Suddenly it was for me to see Tatyana Arno in the list of beauties. Yes, we all have different tastes, but, in my opinion, at the provincial beauty contests, even much more interesting ladies are found.

Well, let's finish the selection with actress Zoya Berber. Perhaps I agree with this choice.

Here are actually all those women whom Western publications consider the most beautiful Russian women. By what criteria they were selected, I do not know. But I would make a completely different selection, in which there would be completely different girls. Unless I would take Vodianova from here. She is, in my opinion, a really spectacular young lady. Well, you can also pay attention to Glucose. It's not that I'm dissatisfied with something, but some kind of unsightly picture of Russia is obtained. After all, we really have an incredible number of beautiful girls. However, we have what we have.