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They call him a "terrible person" - Lucky Rich, who got into the Guinness Book of Records

 Modern young people are fond of different areas of art. In the past few years, the tattoo industry has become more and more relevant, with the help of which people have the opportunity to emphasize their own individuality and imprint important symbols of their worldview on their bodies forever.

Most people try to get inconspicuous tattoos in order to hide them if necessary. But there are those who do not hide their own creative thinking, and do not hesitate to openly express themselves.

One such person is a man named Lucky Diamond Rich. He does not just stand out from the crowd of people around him. His record for the number of tattoos made on his own body is known to the whole world and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. A man is a representative of a creative profession, therefore, such an individuality is not a disadvantage, but a virtue, which there is no need to hide.

Like many young people who are seriously interested in wearable images, Lucky began to get tattoos at school age. At that time, it was not serious, and the "stuffed" drawings were completely invisible.

Already at a young age, Lucky Rich worked. He went on tour with the circus. It was during the next tour that the young man decided to make a small drawing of a pin. Then he was still so shy that he was afraid that his mother would see the drawing made and be very upset.

But over time, Lucky became bolder. During each tour, the number of tattoos inflicted on his body gradually increased. According to Lucky himself, he "stuffed" about one tattoo per trip.

The drawings got bigger and bigger. After a certain amount of time, some drawings were already quite noticeable, and it no longer made any sense to hide the tattoos.

When a young man was tired of some of the previously applied wearable images, he went to the master and asked them to "kill". A new tattoo appeared in the old place, and the layer of paint under the skin increased many times over.

Some of Lucky's underwear designs have been redone three or four times. The paint is so tightly under his skin that it is impossible to remove it even in several sessions. Lucky's face and body are now covered in solid blue paint in some places. From the side, the man resembles the hero from the movie "Avatar".

According to Lucky, he made his wearable images from various masters in almost all countries. Each tattoo on his body is distinguished by a special author's style, which is an additional reason for pride.

In the future, the man does not plan to stop there. The only obstacle that can prevent new wearable images from being applied is the lack of free space on Lucky Rich's body. Some people call him the most terrible person on earth, condemning these strange hobbies. But Rich is not at all complex about this. He continues his career as an artist, begun in his youth, and due to his unusual appearance, he was remembered by the public in many countries of the world.