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“This is not Turkey for you!” Is domestic recreation so bad, and is it the case in resorts?

 The holiday season is coming to an end, and it seems that everyone should be relaxed and happy. Tourists - to return home satisfied, tanned, rested and full of impressions. After all, the sea, the sun, vacation - beauty in one word! What else is needed for happiness?
Ah, the sea, the sea... Well, how can one not love such beauty?Ah, the sea, the sea... Well, how can one not love such beauty?
Although, after reading some reviews on the Internet, and listening to friends who “hung out” for half a summer in our south, you might think that Russian resorts are creepy : the service is not service, the sun is hot, the sea is wet ...
Why does the long-awaited summer vacation often cause dissatisfaction among tourists?
Here are some reasons:
1. "Here" is not like "there"
For the last couple of years, for good reasons, it has become increasingly difficult to get to foreign resorts. But many, except in Turkey, Egypt or Cyprus, do not think of themselves. But we have to be content with domestic proposals, which are very different from the usual ones.
All pleasures are here.  And you don't have to go outside.All pleasures are here. And you don't have to go outside.
Vacationers spoiled by Turkish-Egyptian all-inclusive service miss hotels and want to see the same in our resorts. But the all-inclusive system is poorly developed in our country, it costs more and in terms of the degree of “licking the client” it does not reach overseas hotels.
Typical buffet in a typical all inclusive hotelTypical buffet in a typical all inclusive hotel
By the way, we have the equivalent of "all inclusive" - ​​the resort is called. There is also a fenced area, free food, a separate beach, entertainment, and they will heal at the same time. But they won’t “pour” it for free, and the ticket is not cheap.
2. Why are locals here?
It sounds crazy, but there are comrades who are indignant at the very fact of the presence of local residents on the beaches. They explain that in " civilized Turkey " the local population "does not have the right to relax and swim with foreign tourists, go to other beaches, live in other places."
The beach of one of the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.The beach of one of the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.
True, normal locals in the midst of summer do not go to the city beaches, giving the guests of the resort the "honor" to lie with their noses on other people's heels and flounder in the water, constantly bumping into each other.
We have already written about the reasons why the inhabitants of the Black Sea resorts do not swim in the sea here . Read if you missed it.
3. Everything is expensive
Expensiveness is a favorite complaint of tourists. They are offended that similar hotels and services in the same Turkey are cheaper than in Russia.
Yes, holidays are becoming more expensive every year, but the resort can only offer what it has. There is a service, there is its cost. Don't like it - don't take it. But it is foolish not to think over and not know in advance what kind of service you should count on.
4. Grumblers for life
Today it is fashionable to find fault with rest at home and sing with nostalgia about distant and now inaccessible foreign shores. But before they complained
that in foreign resorts sunbeds on the beach must be borrowed even before breakfast, go to bed and guard.
that parents take with them children who run around, yell and do not allow people to rest.
that at the request to bring exotic fruits to the room, they brought cherries and apricots (who knew that our relatives for Turkey are exotic).
So maybe it's not in the resort?  It's just that a certain category of people always finds something to be dissatisfied with. And it so happened that now, in the absence of foreign resorts, they scold Russian ones.

And what do you think?