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28 years lived with his wife soul to soul, but in the end he caught her on an office romance

 My story is not over yet. The divorce process continues, the division of property is underway. My wife and I lived together for twenty-seven years, during which time we had three children: two daughters - 5 and 20 years old, a son - 25 years old.

I myself am 50 and my wife is 47. The third child was born when my wife was 42 and I was 45 years old. I, like many men of the same age, do not have a sagging belly, bald, on the contrary, thick hair, in truth, is already half gray.

However, my wife and friends say that this does not age me at all. I know that many women like me, because there is a big plus - the absence of bad habits - I don’t smoke or drink.

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As for close relationships with my wife, we don’t have taboo topics in terms of intimacy and never have.

For all the years I have lived, I have never cheated on my wife, although I had many women before her. I loved her very much! Yes, and plus everything, I am an extremely squeamish person: I don’t need anyone else, but she is dear, my own.

In my wife, absolutely everything suited me, any part of her body. He always knew what she needed and what she would enjoy more. And she knew about it too. Therefore, in this matter, we did not have any misunderstandings with her. In all these years, she never once gave reason to doubt her. Never until recently...

This summer we planned to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. They wanted to go to Cyprus, but the "crown" spoiled all plans. However, these are trifles. In February, I received the news that I had been slammed into the face of a concrete wall. Everything turned out to be trite - an office romance.  And as I was told, it started for her before the New Year, approximately from a corporate party. I don't know how true this is, but it doesn't matter anymore. And how she lied, what, however, an actress ...

In a word, she was handed over by her colleagues. Some girl, maybe a competitor. But the fact remains. He is six years younger than her - he is forty-one. He has a wife, a daughter of fourteen years. His position is slightly higher than that of my, already, I hope, ex-wife.

All the secret becomes clear

Their first intimacy occurred during a corporate party in his office. I learned this from words, so I can’t say for sure. They were encrypted perfectly: they did not write anything to each other, so they could not be caught in correspondence.

However, they relaxed early. One evening, he forgot to close the door behind him, apparently, they were in too much of a hurry to retire. At that moment, someone managed to film everything that was happening on a mobile phone. The video was sent to me from an unknown phone number.

The first desire that arose at that time was to surprise his wife. Good thing she wasn't home at the time. And this despite the fact that I have never raised my hand to her in my life. Then, having cooled down a bit, I began to think what to do.

Go punch your lover in the face? This option will not work. Then, nevertheless, I decided to deal with him. After all this, there can be no talk of living together with his wife, but what are we going to do with the jointly acquired property? I had my own company, which I myself raised, and I do not intend to share it with my wife.

To begin with, I had to withdraw all the assets, and then get divorced. Pretending all this time that I didn't know anything. I still don’t understand how I managed to remain calm for such a long time, you won’t even envy the enemy.

After the betrayal, I stopped kissing her and there was no closeness between us. I had to say all the time that I didn't feel well. She took my words seriously and even asked me to go to the hospital more than once. I wanted to hit her already, because I could hardly hold on.

I sold the car, and there was a reason for that - I wanted to change it for a long time. Then he sold her car, saying that there was a better option. He took all the money. Self-isolation helped a lot with the firm. All employees were sent home, because it was supposed to be so.

He paid everyone a salary, and then fired him due to the ruin of the company. All money from the accounts was also withdrawn. The liquidation procedure has been launched. At the same time, I decided to register the same company for my mother. She is already an old woman, 74 years old, but a cheerful woman.

The wife did not know anything, she was waiting for a new car. By May, I had finished everything I had planned. We had only one three-room apartment in the area of ​​the new building, but nothing could be done there. There is also a house in the country, but we will not share it, because this land belonged to my grandfather and grandmother, and they had a house there.

The village is completely bent, but the place is very beautiful - forest, river, nature. Gradually began to build cottages. After my grandmother's death, the wife decided to inherit, and the old house was demolished. In its place, they built a two-story house, which we had long dreamed of.

In fact, we lived in it with her. My wife was delighted with this house. It has everything: flower beds, a garden, a swimming pool with a gazebo. However, the house with the land is registered to my mother, as it was an inheritance. I did not re-register it for myself, although my mother offered to do this.

At the very end, the wife sensed something was wrong. She began to ask all sorts of questions, why I don’t kiss her, don’t pay any attention, why there is no love in the morning. Most of all I feel sorry for our 5-year-old daughter. I love all my children very much, but her in a special way.

Brought her to clean water

And finally, at the end of April, my wife and I had an important conversation. I look - she is shaking all over. I showed her the same video, after which she fell to her knees and began to ask for forgiveness. Cries, grabs by the legs. I ask - why? What did you miss?  Normally, she could not answer me like that. She repeated that she was very mistaken, she herself did not understand what she had done. In general, she justified herself as best she could.

As a result, the son completely turned away from her, the eldest daughter began to rush between us, also condemning her own mother, the youngest does not yet understand what is happening and why the parents no longer live together.

I hired a lawyer to share a common apartment and keep my daughter. And so, the wife had nothing left: there was no car - both were sold, there was no money either, there was no company left.

And after everything that happened, I again ask myself the question: what did she achieve in the end, crossing out everything that we had? What does it feel like to end up with nothing?