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4 types of men you should avoid at all costs

 If you want to have a lasting and healthy relationship, avoid these 4 types of men at all costs. They will only bring you headaches and trouble.

1. Someone who says "I love you" too quickly

In just a few days (or hours?), he will tell you that you are the "love of his life" and that he wants to grow old with you. He will shower you with gifts, promises and compliments. It will seem strange to you that everything is happening so quickly, but at the same time you will be flattered by his attention. The problem is that normal people take time to develop real feelings for someone, and men who are quick to tell you they love you are most likely superficial and living in some kind of fictional world. He certainly sees the "love of his life" in every other woman, but that's not true love.

2. Jealous manipulator

At first, he is unlikely to show you how jealous he is. For the first few weeks, he will try to make you infinitely happy and present himself as the man of your life, and then he will suddenly back down in order to manipulate you. You will beg him to give you another chance, and he will gradually become more obsessive, more jealous and more manipulative. It is likely that he will try to cut you off from friends and family so that you are completely under his control. He will tell you that your friends treat you badly, that he loves you more, that he is enough for you. He may tell you that your family is trying to take advantage of you or that they interfere too much in your life. The reason for his behavior is his own low self-esteem. He can't imagine that someone could love him like this who he is, so he tries to control and manipulate others so that they don't leave him. He will constantly check on you, ask who you are dating, get jealous when you go out with friends, and want you to be together all the time. His "love" is really obsessive and suffocating and not worth all this torment.

3. Alphonse

In the beginning, he will probably insist on paying for everything, and even give you gifts often. This will give you a false sense of financial security. But very soon he will start asking you for a loan that he will never return. He lives on credit and refuses to grow up. Therefore, do not be impressed by expensive gifts on a first date - they can come out sideways to you.

4. Selfish

This type of men are narcissistic egocentrics who think that everything revolves around them. He will constantly talk about himself and listen to you half-heartedly only in those rare moments when you manage to insert at least a word. Your role in his life is to make him happy and satisfy his whims. Perhaps he will often allow himself to criticize you, even in the presence of your friends. His selfishness shows up everywhere - in your relationships, in his rude attitude towards the waiters in the restaurant and in his impudent behavior on the road - he believes that he is always right and everyone should worship him.

If you find yourself constantly interacting with one of the above types of men, it's time to take a break and pay attention to yourself - you may need to heal old emotional wounds before starting a new relationship. Otherwise, you will never get out of the vicious circle.

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