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A friend from Chechnya decided to get a divorce, said only three words and became free. Divorce procedure

 I have a friend who got divorced two years ago. It would seem that this is a common thing, often young people choose their second half by trial and error, and in this case there will undoubtedly be several divorces.

They lived for six months, something in each other didn’t suit them, they parted as a result. It's good that at least during this time they did not have children.

But my friend lives in Chechnya - a region where divorce is rather difficult. Not without reason, according to statistics, there are the fewest divorced couples, there are reasons for this. Recently, I met with a friend and at the same time found out about divorces in Chechnya, asked how he now lives after him.

I will say right away that the divorce there is final, and if it comes to that, then it  will not work to make a scene with the return, forgiveness of each other and further life together until the next scandal or betrayal.

Divorce procedure in Chechnya

Getting a divorce in Chechnya is both difficult and simple. Just in the case when there is a regulation of this process by the norms of the Koran and it is enough to say the word "talaq" three times in front of witnesses, which means "I am leaving you" or "divorce", after which you can consider yourself divorced, the wife will have to return from home husband to the parents' house, and if they are not there, then to relatives.

However, the word "talak" sounds extremely rare, people resort to it if there is no other way out. It's all about Islam again. This religion does not approve of divorce, and in the Chechen Republic Islam has a much stronger influence on people's lives than among Christians.

There must be a good reason for a divorce. They didn’t fit the characters - this is not the reason as such,  betrayal on the part of one of the spouses, most often the wife, is taken into account most of all.

If you rely on the Koran, then men have the right to divorce only women of a "bad" disposition, who cannot be corrected, when they have no strength to endure them, and by their behavior they dishonor the entire family of their husband.

However, if the spouses have never observed Sharia law, then you can file for divorce for this reason. And non-compliance with these laws is a very confusing matter and not fully understood.

There are many such laws, and according to them, a woman is obliged to obey her husband in everything, should not bring him to grief or leave his house. The appearance in public without a headdress is condemned by society.

Duty of a man

However, even more responsibilities for a man : he must provide for his family, his wife, including giving her a separate room and completely giving "mahr" - what was promised before the wedding.

By the way, these rules show how true the husband's promises are, so Chechens do not want to make impossible promises to their future wives.

The lack of intimacy between spouses for 4 months can be a reason for divorce - if the spouses do not sleep together, then why do they live? Naturally, only if a man is purely physically capable of intimacy, while not too old.

Types of divorce in Islam

There are three types of divorce in Islam:  preliminary divorce, full and final.

The first option  is the first call when a man can say or write on paper what his wife does not like, and she should take this into account. No witnesses are needed there. That is. spouses have the right to take a break from each other for three months (iddah period), to think about their future life together. Of course, you should not think about intimacy at this time.

It often happens that after such a divorce, the wife returns to her husband, especially since the parents or relatives with whom she lives this time urgently demand this. You can’t stay with them for a long time, because rumors can spread that this woman is “walking”.

A complete divorce occurs when a man says "talaq" to his wife three times, the presence of witnesses is not necessary. By the way, there are rare cases when there was no sexual relationship between the spouses, then the spouse undertakes to give his wife half of the mahr (pre-wedding promises) and she can be free, even the next day after the marriage, have the right to marry a new man who will be better in the bed.

And finally, the final divorce , when the word "talaq" is heard three times in front of witnesses. My friend resorted to just such a radical method.

He says that he was very ashamed, but there was no other way out, because it was very difficult to live together, you shouldn’t torture yourself and your wife, when it’s actually easier to get a divorce.