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Advised a friend to follow these five financial tips. Relations with his wife immediately went on the "correction"

 Modern relationships almost all revolve around money, and men in such cases have 2 ways.

1 way is to accept all the rules of the game and follow them. It is here that the very "real" men appear, whose goal is to support their family.

A man who has followed this path should show signs of attention to an unfamiliar girl whom he sees for the first time. It is he who will achieve women with the help of money.

2 way - to reject such rules when faced with strong resistance.  Ladies left with children in their arms after a divorce are empty shells, they will constantly blame a man for something. And not everyone is able to withstand such pressure.

Consider Financial Tips

1. Don't invest in a woman as much as you can't afford. Many believe that if they invest more, then the likelihood of mutual sympathy increases. But it's not. Some men just pull the burden.

For example, a simple worker breaks into a loan, just to give an expensive gift to his beloved. A new brand phone came out - you need to urgently run to the store. All this is nonsense. There were many cases when, after expensive gifts, a woman simply went to another man.

2. Do not take loans for the sake of women. A man naively believes that the girl will not leave him, that she is good, beautiful. In fact, she is a person just like you.

Because of the fact of her existence, she is not obliged to receive expensive gifts. It works very differently. A man should not take out loans just to impress a lady.

3. You need to value money. Even if you give a new phone or an expensive piece of jewelry, you need to think about it. Money does not fall from the sky to you, but you earn it with your work. A trip to a restaurant can cost you several working days.

Think about it. A man who gives a lady an expensive phone, and then she throws it away, spent not only money, he spent months of his life. You could say nowhere. A man who values ​​money also appreciates his strength, which was spent on their earnings.

4. No need to work hard. Women are always grateful for what they are promised, but the good deed itself is like a routine for them. And if a man works 2-3 jobs, it will go unnoticed.

A woman will take it for granted, even reproaches may fall. It is important to remember that a man is not a robot, he plows, putting all his strength into it. What is the woman doing at this moment? She turns around and goes to another man.

So take care of yourself. You don't have to work just to impress someone later. It looks bad and stupid.

5. You need to live, first of all, for yourself, and not for a woman. Many men have one goal - to please the ladies and give them all the money. But this is nonsense, because nowadays a woman can leave a man at any time, taking part of the property.

Is it fair? The realities of modern life are such that everyone should live for himself, and not for someone else. No one says not to give gifts, but this should not put a person in an awkward position. First of all, you need to think about yourself, perhaps this is the main recommendation.