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After 10 years of marriage, my husband demands that I fulfill my marital duty, although he himself has long "scored" everything. Here's how I did

 Andrey increasingly began to complain about his wife:  "I bring money home, you don't work, all day with the children. Instead of doing household chores, you constantly get into my work!"

She gives her advice on how to treat employees, constantly whines that she is bored at home and has nothing to do.

family history

Andrei is a businessman at the age of forty-two. He gave Anna the position of a financier, but later regretted it. There was a mess at home, the food was the most ordinary, the same every day, there was no intimacy between them.

The wife was absolutely not interested in her husband, he was not interested in her. Moreover, she also launched her appearance, while she wants to constantly get into his business.

Andrei is always angry with her, but does not command, does not ask her to look more beautiful. He says that this way of life does not suit him at all, and does not like it when strangers interfere with his affairs.

It would seem that everything at first glance is quite logical. Nothing to grab onto. But a woman will never start a conflict with her husband, complain about her life, because she has nothing to do. Why? Everything is very simple.

If a wife admires her husband, he is an authority for her, who supports her all the time and takes care of her, then she will try to do everything for him.

Conclusion: if she starts behaving like a man, then her husband has lost value and respect in her eyes. But for what? We started to figure it out.

Here's what we stumbled upon. Andrei is constantly at work, he does not bring anything into the house. He does not pay attention to children, he is not engaged in education. Same story with my wife.

He explained all this by the fact that there is no time, he earns money. That is, he does what he wants, forgetting that he has a woman at home. At the same time, he demands that his wife always wants closeness with him and is always ready for this, because she is a wife! Obliged, anyway!

It turns out as if the spouse is in slavery. She has money, but men do not. I call it the golden cage.

Objected to her husband

When I said all this to Andrey, he was immediately surprised and began to object to me - I don’t know how to make gifts, there is no imagination, and there is no point. In fact, he directly said - I don’t want to please my wife, but at the same time I want her to constantly please him.

That doesn't happen. She does not want to give him time because he does not want to inspire and surprise her. Now it is clear why she is so ill and bored, why she wants to work constantly.

This is all from the fact that in her house she does not feel like a woman. So he gradually becomes a man. Some vicious circle.

Someone needs to break it. But to whom? Whoever needs it most, who is in charge in the family, will do it. If a man wants to make a girl out of his wife, then you should try to devote some time to the family. Then she will reciprocate.