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After 15 years of marriage, the wife left for another, taking one child with her

Alexander's surprise knew no bounds. They lived with his wife in perfect harmony for 15 long years. And if you count the years that they spent together before him, it  will be as much as 20 years.

But Tatyana confessed to him that she now has a new man and she wants a divorce. They have two children - a boy and a girl, completely unaware of anything.

She said so

- Forgive me, Sash, it just so happened, - she continued with unfeigned sadness, - I don’t have any feelings for you, at all.

Alexander was not aware of what was happening. Yes, the last 3.5 years have been somewhat greyish. But he just thought that things were getting better and the relationship was blossoming.

Tatyana again had enthusiasm, she invited him to the evening "acrobatics". He thought it was because of his new appearance - after all, Alexander spent almost half a year in the gym and brought himself into good physical shape. But she did not even suspect that the reason for this was another man - her friend.

...or not a friend at all. One emotion after another flashed across Alexander's face. Now anger, then rage; resentment, self-pity. He wanted to scream at Tatiana as much as he wanted to fall on his knees and beg her to stay with him.

Tried to fix everything

There were attempts on his part to make things right. He began to take the children to school, made breakfast for all of them, showered his wife with compliments - there was just nothing. And he tried to talk. About them.

And he even asked about another man in an attempt to find out what she found in him. But the events were in vain, one day Tatyana got tired of it, and she went with her things to her mother. Along the way, taking one child with him.

There was no answer. He tried to read smart books on psychology, looked for answers on the Internet and realized the problem. His problem is simple - he was "under the heel" and literally indulged his wife in everything.

Already almost former. Up to the point that he gave her the entire salary, as soon as she was handed over. Selfishness, measured selfishness - that's what Sasha lacked.

After Alexander told me this story, he was unhappy. But I was wrong.

Sasha did not pay attention to the main thing - the attitude towards himself and his ex-wife.

He blamed her for a lot

Up to the point that she took over the family reins of government. But who allowed it? So he's weak? Not at all.

A very strong man, only the truth was quite different. The steering wheel from a car called "Family" was given to her because:

  • during conflicts, Alexander was a silent man - he did not find out anything at all and simply “assed”;
  • he preferred to wait out problems at work, where he switched to work duties and forgot about "everyday life";
  • did not devote time to children;
  • did not count the money, thinking that it was not for men, let her deal with these pennies and buy tangerines from Magnit with them.

And this role was taken by the wife. After all, the steering wheel was empty. If he was at the helm, things could have turned out completely differently.

But Alexander preferred to close himself in a cabin and sit there during storms. Yes, and she did not particularly like this board - she had to look for someone who could drive.

But Sasha is not so bad. He made a lot of mistakes, but in time he took up the study of the characteristics of female psychology. And soon he will marry again, where he will not make such mistakes again.