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Agreed to marry an adult man. After the wedding, he put forward tough conditions, now I don’t know what to do

 I have a friend - Roma. Macho, loves women, has great charisma. He constantly changed girls, and could not choose one for his wife. Either capricious ones came across, then some kind of commanders.

Once he met a young girl - Oksana, who very much sunk into his soul. It was with her that he wanted to start a family. But he immediately put up a whole list of conditions for her if she agreed to become his wife.

List of conditions

1. I will provide for my family, and you will stay at home and not work;

2. you will give birth to children for me and raise them;

3. you will always have only one man - it's me;

4. you have the right not to love me at all;

5. you don't have to constantly whine and complain;

6. I will live my life, and this should not concern you;

7. I am the head of the family, and you will not argue with me.

Oksana thought for a long time, but eventually agreed. Well, what is it, she dreamed of a man behind whom you can be like behind a stone wall, plus everything, the family will be with money, fully provided for. Well, the fact that he will do what he wants - she did not care.

Roma was a director in one of the construction companies, he was often on the road, and his wife sat at home and nursed the child, without even asking what her husband was doing. "Patriarchal Paradise" can you say?

Briefly about these relations

I believe that such relationships will never be harmonious and will eventually end in scandals, then cold, and, most likely, infidelity and divorce. Why? Yes, because a man is sure that if he is the head of the family, then the wife is completely obliged to obey him.

This is the position of a slave and a master, but in no way loving spouses, where everyone has the right to decide family matters and there will be warm relations. Unfortunately, such a family is not what many think.

In the patriarchy, as it was 500 years ago, the main man is the main man, and the woman is nobody, she has no rights, and does not care about her emotions and what she wants. Yes, she is the mistress of the house, but only she has no rights to children, she does not manage money, and she cannot utter a word without a man. Seems cool for us guys? Error.

All this creates a huge problem for the man himself. There is one simple truth: if a husband does not listen to his woman, then everyone will suffer.

The woman will start to look worse and feel the same. Why, if there is no man in the house? Besides, if he doesn't care about her, she will feel abandoned. And from this she will either be a gray mouse, or a brawler who demands attention.

A man, in turn, will suffer, look for mistresses on the side, drink, and in the end - destroy himself and his family.

Almost all clients who come with the problem of "burnout", "loss of interest in the family", is expressed in the fact that a man does not care about a woman, he is looking for someone on the side. Then he is torn between the two, and all three of them suffer.