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Because of these confessions from men, relationships most often collapse

 There is one big stupidity that men most often do at the very beginning of a relationship. It poisons them forever, no matter how good they may be and no matter how worthily they behave.

Confessions that "poison the relationship"

This stupidity is the ultimate honesty.  A man, having met a woman, begins to build relationships with her, but due to the fact that most of all in life he is afraid of losing his freedom, he tries to somehow insure himself from being ringed with approximately the following phrases:

“I don’t want a serious relationship”, “I won’t get married”, “I’m comfortable the way I live now”, “I don’t owe anything to anyone”, “You are not my type”, “The main woman in my life is my mother "," You must understand that this is all temporary", "Because of the previous break, I don't want anything else", "I won't be able to endure someone nearby", "My relatives are more important to me than you", "We don't have and there can be no joint future."

Thinks he did the right thing

Saying such phrases, a man believes that he did everything right, he thinks that he is decent and honest, he did not promise anything to anyone, and if something happens, then the woman invented something for herself, and these are her problems, since he warned that it would be a compromise.

The main motive for entering into a relationship with men is the goal of getting a lot of buzz and drive.  Further, he does not guess.

Let's say now he likes some kind of Masha, but he is not completely sure that they will be together in a year or six months, because he does not voice all Masha's thoughts on this matter.

What happens next? The girl likes the man so much that she pretends that these revelations did not hurt her at all, and behaves as if such words were not uttered.

In the event that Masha turns out to be a smart woman and builds her relationships correctly, then with about a 50% probability they can develop into something more.

Man is by nature a lazy creature. He has a woman who will give him warmth, comfort. But he continues to repeat that Masha is just a compromise, but in fact, he slowly begins to get used to her, fall in love, she becomes necessary to him, dear. Then he offers to live together, to legitimize relations.

Will not forget men's revelations

From the outside, everything looks good, but far from everything ... Will the girl really forget the phrases that the man told her at the very beginning? Never!

She will constantly live with the feeling that she is a backup option, no matter what songs they sing to her later. She will be in a relationship, but subconsciously she will not believe in the sincerity of love. And keep searching...

If slow-witted men immediately inform a woman that she is a compromise for them, then she automatically  ceases to see them as the object of her conscious choice.

Even if they are married in five years, she will not wear a ring, will continue to dress frankly, will flirt with other men. And do not be surprised that with such behavior she will find someone.

I don't understand why this happened

And later, the men do not understand why the wife filed for divorce if everything was fine in the marriage. How dare she love another! And you take and analyze everything from the very beginning, remember the words that you said to her, including in a fit of frankness.

Didn't you understand that women remember everything to the smallest detail, everything that concerns your relationship? Believe that many good deeds for your wife will not be able to wipe off the stain of the current recognition, which has lost its relevance for you, and for a woman it was like yesterday.

It is very important when you enter into a relationship to learn to protect the feelings of a person. You cannot know what such an acquaintance may lead to, so it is better to keep your tongue to yourself.

Do not humiliate each other and do not devalue, you cannot trample on human dignity with your feet.  No one is forcing you to marry by force, but you won’t be able to return the insulting words that accidentally flew out either.