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Comes only a couple of times a month for one meeting, and then disappears

 “I am in a relationship with a man, we have known each other for a long time. Recently, he rarely comes to me, literally a couple of times a month. There is practically no communication, meetings too.

The problem is that I am not a picky person and I agree to everything. I consider this person ideal, he suits me in everything. I really want everything to be fine, but nothing happens.

Is it worth it to end this relationship?  But from the outside, I’m a pretty successful and pretty woman, no one can guess that this is happening in my life.

Psychologist's answer

You can break the relationship that exists. Judging by the letter, you do not have them, and this is the bitter truth. It is necessary to muster up the courage to admit it, i.e. to accept. But do not forget to give the young man addresses where he can satisfy his needs several times a month. There, they will tell him the price.

And you will be a comfortable and good girl for him . So good and comfortable that it will be possible to come to you when you want, get what you need, and leave back without taking into account either your feelings or your needs.

The only question is:  why do women allow themselves to be treated like this? Maybe because a man seems ideal to you?

Is it true that in your view the ideal man is a person who is completely indifferent to you, not interested in your feelings, but only uses you?

And what do you want to achieve with your own convenience? Love? Is it possible to get love from a person who has no respect for you?

And is it possible to achieve it at all. The main problem of good girls is trying to earn love by exemplary behavior, patience, self-sacrifice, revision of their interests to please someone else.

Who are the "good girls"?

Good girls are the dream of a tyrant, an irresponsible man, one might say, an abuser. Most importantly, such women may not be respected, but despite this, they will still continue to faithfully wait for their men. They can be poured with slops, and they will continue to praise the men.

I advise everyone to work on their internal problems, self-esteem. A woman with good self-esteem will never allow herself to be treated like this. Lost time, disrespect, shattered self-esteem - it's all not for her.

She definitely doesn't want any of this. A healthy relationship is all about respect for each other. When a person with inner peace and self-respect is all right, then such men in the women described above will cause only one disgust, as well as a certain feeling of disgust.