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He promised to support his son and leave the apartment, but Victoria appeared and cleaned up not only her ex-husband, but also all our property

 Alexey and Christina lived together. For five years, they didn’t make a lot of good, only a German car and a new apartment. Another son was born - Vyacheslav. The man realized that he had married too early and said: “I haven’t walked enough yet,” and then filed for divorce.

He was a noble young man and decided to leave quietly, without trial: he agreed with the former that she should live in an apartment, and he would take the car for himself. He also volunteered to pay child support. After the divorce, he sent some money to his son, apparently for food and clothes.

“I’m still young, I’ll earn money for housing, don’t take it from my own child,” said Alexei.

She, joyful, did not know how to thank her ex-husband and fate. To celebrate, she did not even notice how he had a new girlfriend - Vika.

After meeting a new lover, everything changed. He refused to pay money for his son, and at that time his wife had few of them, well, at least he left the apartment. Three months later, a lawsuit came demanding a refund for half of the apartment.

So the former spouses met in court. Christina lost the lawsuit because the apartment was expensive, and this is taking into account the cost of the car. As a result, she owed him 4 million rubles.

Conclusion: if one of the spouses, after a divorce, voluntarily wants to do something, it is urgent to run to a notary and draw up all the documents there officially.

As soon as one of them meets a new person, certain questions will arise: "Do I need / do I need a new man / woman without money and living space?" And this person will definitely want such a tidbit for himself.