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Here are the very reasons why women in their 40s and 50s file for divorce

 For one of my articles, I recently received an interesting experience and opinion shared by a reader. There has been a lot of talk about divorce lately. At a mature age - much less often.

When the topic is related to the breakup of relations between spouses, age is often taken out of the brackets. At first glance, it seems that the reasons for dissolution of marriage are the same at 50 and at 20. But, as practice shows, each person is rich in his own reasons, and age is very important here.

Reasons for divorce

"Good health to all. As a lawyer, quite often I have to consult with couples who are at the stage of divorce.

Ten years ago, I thought that women who want to divorce themselves (at the age of 40-50) are completely stupid. In our society, opinion is ruled by men (for example, "no one needs you", "a divorcee with a trailer", etc.).

And any advice could not help. Now, due to my age, I begin to understand what women are most often guided by at the age when they run away from their men to nowhere. And it's not about lovers. Everything is much simpler - it's all the accumulated stress, resentment. Many women are still willing to endure a mistress for the sake of children.

But someday the children grow up, well-being and careers will jump up sharply, and at the same time self-esteem will play a big role. Then the wives of 40-50 years old can suddenly see the light!

Ready to leave

They look at their husband: bald, old, sick, and understand that this is not your beloved, dear person. He still has some bad manners towards his wife, but he himself can no longer do anything and does not want to.

And sometimes you just want to live! Therefore, women go to extremes - they file for divorce. They want to find themselves, new, happy. I personally know many wives who refuse to take their husbands out of the hospital.

It comes to the point of absurdity: a paralyzed man is taken to his ex by his legal wife, left by the door and leaves. Is it cruel? Yes! But husbands sometimes do the same with their spouses when they are in a similar situation: after childbirth, when the child is disabled, when a woman loses her job and similar situations.

They do it when a woman cannot get up and leave, their husbands humiliate them, cheat on them regularly, beat them, but all this is happening behind closed doors.

Russian women do not want to admit it, even to their loved ones.  Therefore, they endure, they are waiting for the moment when there will be an opportunity to break out of the routine and live for their own pleasure, not to be indebted to anyone. Still, there are families where each other is respected, loved and cherished.