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How plans to have children got in the way of a happy marriage

 Luda and I met quite by accident. We rode in the same bus, she stood in front of me in a short, white sarafan.

At the bus stop, a large crowd came in at once, and Lyudochka was swept away by a wave. She leaned close to me, barely holding on. I, as a decent and modest man, lowered my eyes to the floor so as not to embarrass the girl. After she left, I immediately followed her. Attracted like a magnet.

Quite pretty, with chestnut hair to her shoulders, the figure is awesome - quite a beautiful body. Blue, bright eyes shone, radiating purity. There was a childish naivete in her every movement.

I silently walked her all the way to the house, but I tried to keep a short distance when she looked back.

With her gaze, she seemed to be looking for someone or was afraid that she would be found. Meanwhile, I continued to follow her like a shadow. Near the entrance, she was able to figure me out. Directly asking a question put me in an awkward position.

- Do you live here?

- No and you?

After these words, Luda laughed out loud, like a bell.

- My name is Ludmila. How about you?

- I'm Valentine.

I slowly extended my hand and said hello. Now it was possible to see her well up close. The woman was older than I thought. But it didn't bother me at all.

Eyes strongly attracted to themselves, and in my place, no one would be able to restrain himself. I quickly kissed her red lips. She looked a little embarrassed, then put her hand between us.

- First you need flowers, sweets, and only then kisses.

I very carefully took the phone out of my pocket, as if it were the latest model, but in fact I took it from the hands of an old friend. The appearance was almost the same.

"Speak, I'm writing," I said.

- What to say?

- Give me your number. I need to know my girlfriend's number.

Lyuda was surprised at my impudence, whispered the numbers.

- Expect a call soon.

Smiling, I went back to my business, or rather, returned home.

She followed me with her eyes, and I felt it from behind. Then Luda quickly disappeared into the entrance.

First meeting

I went a couple of days without any meetings, although it was extremely painful for me. Every day I thought about her, but decided not to worry, after all, a man.

Returning from the night shift, I quickly picked a small bouquet of flowers in the flower bed. While I was talking with the guard near the entrance, I studied where and how the cameras were located, and then I put the flowers in a bag and sat back. Nobody noticed me.

In the morning I called Ludochka, slowly spreading the leaves of the flowers. In the evening I was already near her house and waited for about twenty minutes. We secluded ourselves in a deserted place - a patch of the embankment, where rarely anyone appears. Luda was not embarrassed in front of me and decided to thank me for the flowers with a gentle kiss.

A month later, we began to meet almost every day. We called each other daily. I wanted to spend more and more time together.

After she came into my life powerfully, I had to move so that I didn’t get too much. And it's okay, I have my own apartment, I gave her wages in the same way as the hostess for a rented room. Everything else was mine. She spent herself on food, it was not worth pampering her. A woman should be at least something strong.

One day I almost lost my mind. Sat near the embankment, drank beer. It is impossible not to relax, I was constantly working, it was hard for me. And then one lady with a child comes up, spinning around us. In fact, it didn’t matter to me who this woman was, but Luda, seeing the boy, pushed me hard in the side.

“I want a son too.

Then I just pretended not to have heard those words. I still lacked snot and children's cries. Especially at her age. And Luda, meanwhile, talked with her mother, did not lag behind her with her questions.

- How old is he? What kindergarten do you go to? Does he talk a lot? Quiet perhaps? Is he embarrassed?

Finally, some brains were enough, and we left.

Talk about a child

However, Lyudonka thought deeply about this topic. All the time pestered me, they say, let's have a baby? It was very surprising for me, because a child is not a cat, you cannot throw him out into the street. You need to be fed, clothed, taken care of.

If he wants, then let him start. After she became pregnant, I calmed down. It has become even better - more affectionate, sweeter, cooks deliciously. I’ll come home from work - I’ll bring slippers, change clothes if necessary, feed from a spoon.

A month later, I was tired of all this. I started lying about a part-time job, spent almost every weekend with friends in garages, and she didn’t say a word about it.

A few months later, a big belly appeared, Luda became very stout, her cheeks became large, hung like a bulldog's. I could not sleep with her, I had to find a girl for just a couple of nights, but it got even worse.

There was no room for the two of us to lie on the bed, so I slept on the floor. And it was pretty good there. The real horror began when she decided to take me to children's shops.

One crib in the price was like half the salary. I had to quit my job and look for a new one. After she went on maternity leave, she was at home every day, sawing constantly, and therefore was forced to respond to the first vacancy that came across.

In the meantime, time was passing, and soon it was time to give birth. How big she has become. She dragged a crib out of nowhere, dragged it herself to the third floor. A strong woman, it turns out. I decided to glue new wallpapers, after three days I look - they are already on the walls. Well, what else to say, well done, after all, Lyudka.

I didn’t even notice how she left for the hospital. I was left alone, did not meet her, so what now? He went out to smoke a little, picked flowers, snowdrops, soiled all his hands with them. And she took and threw them out the window. The hysteria is real. We didn’t talk then for about a week, and she didn’t even notice it.

- Run to the store, here is a list of everything you need.

"Why don't you go yourself?" I am very tired.

It's hard for her, you see, with a child. Why she then gave birth is not clear. She gave me a little boy in her arms, he groans, twitches, and she, you see, is funny.

- What does it mean, went to the shower? And what do you want me to do? Don't leave me with him for another 20 minutes. You normal?! Come out quickly. For the sake of decency, he knocked on the door a couple of times with his foot. Zero reactions. He shook the baby, gave him a rattle, seemed to calm down, you see, he liked the game.

- Well, finally you came, don't you dare to do this again, otherwise I'll definitely run away from home.

After a couple of days, I could not stand it myself, I saw how the diaper was changed, how the child was put to bed. I even went to the bathroom with him. I really liked the child. They often went out for walks. At first, Luda drove him, and then I myself became. It's okay, my son, after all. I also want to mess around with it sometimes. I took the phone - called Igor, he understood me perfectly. A month later, the salary brought three times more. The little girl beamed with happiness.

- Hooray. Life is gradually getting better, the little one is growing, screaming less and less at night. In the evening, she arranged a romance, lit candles, took out a bottle of cold vodka, which made her teeth hurt. I grimaced slightly, but I drank. She opened her mouth.

- I have to go to work tomorrow, I can't drink, otherwise I'll be fired. Again we will live on a penny, no, I'd better refrain. I'm a dad now, after all. She kissed me, which means she loves me anyway.

3 years have passed. Vanya has become quite big. We bought him a bike and taught him how to ride. I practically quit drinking, I realized that my happiness is not in a glass, but next to me. Beloved wife and son. And we're all good.