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I rented a house to a young girl, and the next month I had to make repairs in the whole apartment

 A not-so-good thing happened to me just recently. I have a second apartment, which I rent out to tenants. And so the next tenants bought a separate housing for themselves and after some time moved out.

Before me again the question arose: to whom to rent an apartment? I have always leaned towards girls or families of Slavic appearance. This time some lady called me and asked me to show her the apartment.

Meeting day

We met with her the next day. The stranger at first glance seemed to me decent, modest. Of course, I had no ulterior motives, and I decided that I would rent an apartment to her.

The only thing the girl asked was to bring in her own furniture. In principle, there is nothing like that, but the apartment was fully equipped. She paid the amount and I gave her the keys.

The most interesting thing happened a month later, when it was time to pay the rent. Firstly, I stood at the door for a long time, but I heard someone walking in the apartment. I called the girl on the phone, but she did not answer me.

I had no choice but to open the door with my own key. And when I did this, at first I did not understand what I saw.

There were several mattresses in the hallway, which surprised me greatly. There were ropes in the kitchen where towels and socks hung. I also noticed nails in the walls, although we recently did repairs here.

A man came out to meet me, whose appearance was far from Slavic. He knew almost nothing in Russian, I really didn’t hear anything clear from him. But all these are flowers.

As soon as I opened the room, 5 more of the same guests stood in front of me. One of them spoke Russian, in fact, from him I learned that they rented an apartment from a girl. Showed the contract, where everything was spelled out. I was in terrible shock...

Appearances can be deceiving

This girl rented an apartment to others 2 times more expensive, the contract contained completely different data from the passport, she probably came up with a bullshit!

I had no choice and I called the police. Now this girl is wanted, but so far there is no result. I allowed the tenants to stay until the end of the month, and then let them look for a new place to live. Still, they paid money for it.

Before, I didn't care who would live in my apartment, as long as they paid money. But my opinion changed after I rented the apartment to the Tajiks, and after they moved, I had to make new repairs.

Unfortunately, such a bitter experience taught me a lesson, and now I do not trust visitors, and I believe that the scammer will soon be found.