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Knowing these "rules" in a relationship, you can keep them for many years.

 In the life of every man there may be such moments when by the age of twenty he has already gone through several relationships, having filled a considerable number of bumps.

As a result, he does not get the most pleasant experience, but only then the knowledge that could help him in the past. Here is such a circle.

Experience from father to son

The father is capable of destroying the circle, who will give his son the right upbringing. The problem lies in the fact that many guys grow up without fathers, or they themselves are not endowed with certain knowledge, because in the family the head is a mother who puts different attitudes into her sons:

"A boy must always yield!", "Become a real man!" And so on.

Basic Truths in Relationships

I doubt very much that young guys will read me, but still I would like to discuss some truths that men should constantly remember, and not learn about them after thirty or forty years.

1. A man doesn't have to be in a relationship to be happy. Relationships, in my understanding, are a form of something more serious, up to family and marriage.

If you ask why they enter into such a relationship, then the answers will be the same: “They told the parent,” “It’s necessary, because everyone does it,” “All adults are already in a relationship, but I’m not,” etc.

All these points are united by one thing - the desires of a man do not come from his lips or preferences. These are all stereotypes.

Separately, it is worth noting such a special reason as "happiness".  Some men believe that relationships are necessary for happiness, so that you feel like a person. But...

If we consider modern relationships, then women do not deliver any pleasant emotions, one negative splashes out.

You can be a happy person without anyone, or you can be in constant depression inside a strong marriage. The presence or absence of a woman in it does not affect this in any way.

2. A woman must represent something. Modern relations, as many now believe, are completely absurd. Many women make too many demands on men that they can no longer remember them.

Rich, generous, has a car and an apartment, romantic. At the same time, women themselves continue to insist that they owe nothing in return - to maintain beauty, to give energy.

This exchange seems unequal to me. It would be normal if a twenty-year-old woman without a job would argue how much her man should earn.

3. A man should not provide for a woman. I often hear: "If you want a relationship, then give gifts, flowers, help financially."

Firstly, if a man even achieved the attention of a woman, then she has the right to go to another even the next day.

Secondly, beautiful deeds and romance have long turned into a price. If you want to go on a date with me - book a table in an expensive restaurant, if you want to chat - buy a phone.

(What is the most expensive gift you gave or gave you? Write the answer in the comments).

If a woman is sincerely interested in a man, then she will continue to communicate with him without all this.

4. A woman should demand everything in moderation.  The problem is that they are convinced that they are not in a relationship with a person, but with property, which, at the first command, is obliged to fulfill any requirement.

At the beginning of communication, a man does not owe anything to a woman, just like a woman does to him. But all the same, a woman can put some kind of ban, because this is their favorite. If she begins to demand expensive things, then you can safely stop communicating.

5. A divorced woman with a child can bring a lot of problems. The divorce rate is 80-90%, and the situation when a girl of 25-30 years old is left with children in her arms is quite common.

I am not against such relations, because the world is divided into white and black. It may be that the woman is excellent, but she simply chose the wrong man.

But here we are talking about something else. When you start dating a simple girl, then you need to make contacts only with her.

If she has a child, then you will get double work, because in the case of a bad relationship with your daughter / son, most likely, your sympathy for each other will fade away and everything will end badly.

In order for such relationships to be constantly harmonious, it is necessary that many points coincide, for example, education. The child must adequately relate to the new father. It is very important to establish the right connection at the very beginning, otherwise everything may not go according to plan.