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Men who are in a civil marriage are afraid of this, like fire

 Recently, I got into trouble. I have no other words for such a dispute and finding out the truth of my whole life. The most ordinary batch with the clarification of, perhaps, the most pressing issue for girls.

Nine men took part in the batch, two of whom were divorced, the other two were married. One was against marriage in any situation (all this because of resentment for the past, apparently, some woman left her imprint in his soul).

Four were in a civil marriage, where they jumped after them, unquestioningly fulfilled all their desires, looked into their mouths, and at the same time they could call such a relationship “serious”. Women, as for me, thus prove their professional suitability.

I put the word serious in quotation marks because serious is only the attitude of a woman. A man who is in a civil marriage does not bear any responsibility. What seriousness can be in a man who lives with a woman only as long as everything suits him? A man sits and peers, analyzes everything, compares and checks. It can be compared to a king on a throne.

(What do you think, is this true or not? Does a man in a civil marriage bear responsibility? Please write your opinion in the comments).

Legalization of relations

So what is marriage? I believe that this is a formalized responsibility that a man has to his family. The registry office is a kind of corridor.

After passing through it, the young man becomes a real man. Such a document is capable of making him a fairly adult, understanding person, and not a philosopher who spends all day lying on the couch with a magnifying glass and binoculars in his hand.

So, what was the batch itself. A single, young man (and not to say that he was young, over 35 years old) was quite upset about the fact that his beloved waved to him. And this is after seven years of marriage. Look what a bastard!

Of course, all this very second pounced to give advice. Some advised to ignore, they say, let him see who she lost. Others said to rejoice at the long-awaited release.

The married people kept saying to stop being who you really are, to find this girl and talk to her, but not just like that, but to finally make her a marriage proposal and move to a new level of relationship.

At that time, I was completely in solidarity with them, since there was no point in her returning to anywhere. That's why she left - because she was tired. After that, the real mess began. It lasted about two hours, no less.

Married versus non-married: I tell you what the dispute is

The last straw was the phrase that the official registration of marriage is an old, absolutely unnecessary business for anyone.  However, digging a little deeper, a very interesting fact surfaced. Turns out it's all about the apartment! Many men are afraid that after a divorce, the wife will chop off her half!

All the married people began to laugh with one voice, because they knew a very important secret:  the more serious the relationship, the higher the responsibility of the man, the more he becomes stronger, and they can no longer lie on the couch for days and enjoy a bottle of beer with chips.

It is necessary to work, and money comes for this. Of course, if a loving woman is nearby, supports you everywhere and in everything, shares her energy with you, then the man will be friends with his head and not change his choice.

This time, divorced men who got caught said that a normal man would never bother his wife with some half of an unfortunate apartment.

If something happens, he will get up and walk away in nothing but shorts, while leaving a place for his wife and his child to live. And if necessary, he will also take responsibility for finances. Are they men or what?

However, among the crowd of men, five of 4 husbands stood out, who are in a civil marriage and a hater of everyone . They stood as if rooted to the spot, fought and fought among themselves, spitting saliva. Frankly, it was a lot of fun to watch all this.

“Guys, understand,” I said, “if a person from the very beginning thinks about his unfortunate half of the apartment, this also means that you don’t love the person at all, but just got along well by registering the marriage.

Those who marry at the behest of feelings think only about the fact that they have a family ahead of them, a life together, a common home and life, a dog and a cat, many children. They are one hundred percent sure that all their jointly acquired property will later remain for their grandchildren. Do you understand it?

Divorced and married men began to shake hands with me and even wanted to chip in on my monument while I was alive for such true words.

They want to chop off half of the apartment

This five blushed after the spoken words and continued to yell as well, citing as examples cases from their own lives where the poor man was left with a nose.

And they were not worried about the fact that the woman was not alone, but with children, and she needed to support them somewhere, educate them, put them on their feet. The main thing is that half of the apartment was chopped off. What a horror, a tragedy!

Examples where a woman left, leaving everything to a man, just to never see him again in her life, did not work. In any case, there was an argument about half the apartment. On the one hand, it looked extremely petty.

It would seem that adult men are standing in front of you, and in their heads there is a fear that they want to take advantage of them, give birth to children for him, spend most of their lives only so that their wife gets half of the apartment.

And when you ask them certain kinds of questions, like:  "What did you do then? Why did you get married, since you are suffering so much now?"  not a word in response, some kind of resentment is felt. Just not sure what.

Many manage to answer: "Well, I should have understood what kind of person he is." And for this it was necessary to spend seven years of his life? To understand whether the wife chop off half the apartment or not? Excuse me, but this is some kind of nonsense.

All the men, tired of long conversations, rejoiced for the one who left, including me. And she did the right thing, she should have done it sooner!

The girl who initially wants to get half of the apartment can be seen from a kilometer away. In this case, it is necessary to work on oneself and one's feelings on the part of a man, adequate behavior and mind, which on the very first day of the meeting will save him from such a woman. However, this is very difficult to explain to those who simply do not want to admit that they live with a woman not out of love, just for the sake of convenience.

There is no need to stay close to those people who used to cover up their greed, hatred and comfortable position with some fear of losing half the apartment, while not thinking about the other person.