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 Today we will touch on the topic of the midlife crisis. First of all, let's define that this is a psycho-emotional state that occurs in a person's life after 30 years. It is accompanied by a rethinking of life experience, may be accompanied by depression and apathy, at this time there may be a desire to start something new and completely change life.

The midlife crisis can be compared to a transitional age in adolescents, that is, it is a restructuring of the psyche. But if you take teenagers from them, a source of something new is a more adult person, as for women in our case, this is a search for new resources, a woman needs to make a choice to leave herself in a state of stagnation or try to generate something new. The second, as you understand, is the most productive way out of the crisis.

But what is the midlife crisis and how to deal with it.

The symptomatology is as follows: you want to change your activity, your partner is bored with you, there is no motivation for development, you try to drastically change your social circle, irritability, anxiety appear, you change your lifestyle, make drastic changes in appearance.

The main causes of the midlife crisis are.

- change of social roles;

- hormonal disorders;

- age-related changes in appearance, a decrease in attractiveness;

- social status: insufficient success in career or family affairs;

- fear of aging and the approach of death.

I'm old and useless - so many people think
I'm old and useless - so many people think

In order to successfully get out of the crisis, you must:

- it cannot be denied that the crisis has come, this will help you quickly accept the situation and get out of it;

- accept yourself, do not try to run away from the changes that are happening to you;

- health is the most important and must be maintained, rest more, watch your diet, get enough sleep;

- taking care of yourself, do not be afraid to turn to loved ones for support, start hobbies that you have been putting off for a long time;

- lead an active lifestyle, it will bring new emotions;

- analyze what is really important for you and direct your efforts in this direction;

- look at whether you are not satisfied with the activity you are doing, you feel burned out, if so, try to find something new, because it is never too late to start something in life.

- spend more time with loved ones and communicate with them on free topics, build trusting relationships, because the main support will come from the family;

- In extreme cases, women turn to a psychologist.

In most cases, no one can avoid a midlife crisis, but you can prepare for it and protect yourself. To do this, you need to devote time to self-development, look for entertainment and hobbies for yourself, learn to love yourself and monitor your emotional and physical state. The crisis will end in any case, and if it goes well, after it you will feel a kind of rebirth, which will bring a new attitude towards yourself and others, change your outlook on life, and reassess your values.