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Most people have the same problem: how to let go of the past?

 A person behind his shoulders carries a large amount of various events, emotions, defeats, meetings, etc. Some moments we are ready to scroll in our head over and over again. “What would I have done in this or that situation”, “And if I had answered differently then”, “What if I had chosen a different path of solution”.

If you often catch yourself on such thoughts, then most likely you have become a hostage of the past, which does not allow you to develop and strive forward. By wasting time on looping, you lose the opportunity to build a future by learning from mistakes, thereby wasting time and living a doomed life.

People who have experienced more than one defeat in life are ready to accept and remain a victim of injustice, completely refusing something new and closing in on themselves.

How to let go of the past, what needs to be done and how to work out internal problems, we will analyze below:

Situation Analysis

You can play a similar situation again, create conditions, and you will see what exactly led you to a vicious circle, what mistakes you made, what led to them, because sometimes we ourselves, without noticing it, step on the same rake.

letting go of the past
letting go of the past

You have to accept the past

It is necessary to understand what happened to you, has already affected your life and brought changes. Try to analyze that situation. And try to identify what you have learned through it. It is important to understand that a perfect mistake is not your whole life, but only a small part of it, which can be covered by the experience gained. Think about what happened during the period after unpleasant situations, perhaps you have already applied your experience somewhere, you just didn’t notice it, since negative emotions are more clearly reflected in our memory.

Unleash your feelings

Very often, having experienced some unpleasant moments, we suppress the outburst of those emotions that raged in us. You should never hold back bad emotions and drown them out with deeds, work, etc. which will slightly distract you. Cry, swear, splash out aggression. Emotions free you and you are ready to fill the void with new ones.

Change in everyday life

Try to change something in your life, start something new, make acquaintances, change your lifestyle, throw out things that reminded you of the past, radically change your life.

Be grateful

Probably the most difficult point. Not everyone is able to say thank you to failures, but this is really important, if they weren’t there, you wouldn’t change either. Having worked through this stage, you realize how strong you are.

Feelings of guilt and resentment

What you did or vice versa did in your favor has already happened, it is important here to learn to forgive, because it’s not just that, this or that situation happened. Being in a state of resentment, which, due to life circumstances, you cannot repay in any way, you only make it worse for yourself. After all, justice does not always exist and, having spent all your strength and search on it, you are missing the time to live and find new happiness.

Set yourself up for the present and decide what you want

See what you currently have. Start a new stage, make plans, and try to implement them. Think about what would bring you happiness at this  present  time in your life.

Working with a specialist

There are those problems that no matter how hard a person tries, he himself cannot cope. Do not be afraid to turn to a psychologist, he will help you quickly find a way out of the situation, having worked through every moment of your life.

Letting go of the past is very difficult, and you don’t wish anyone to carry its burden throughout life, therefore it is only in our power to avoid a vicious circle and learn to live in the present, making plans for the future, and not exist in the past.