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Most women "hunt" for this type of men, but only a few get them

 Let's try to draw an image of a woman at the age of thirty. Appearance is the most ordinary, behind a divorce, after which she was left with one or two children. Works, for example, in some office and deals with paperwork.

At first glance, nothing interesting. However, this woman will have one feature:  she constantly lives only with dreams alone. And not those that should be adhered to, but unrealizable. In fact, she is waiting for something that will never happen to her.

She is waiting for that very ... prince! A man who is rich, wealthy, generous. The one who is ready to beautifully break into her lonely life and take her to some distant, more beautiful fairy tale.

Naturally, not a single woman will say that she is waiting for a prince. Very often they change their name to a real man.

For them, he is considered a wall and a support, a getter. Such women do not want to start relationships with men of similar professions (doctors, teachers, rescuers). They are sure that they deserve more, better.

Where to look for the perfect man

A similar desire can be found almost everywhere - starting with films and fairy tales, where the main character (no different from others) wants to meet a handsome, rich and successful young man. If you dig a little in the portals, you can find books by amateur authors, which are full of works of the same kind.

Or you can go to women's forums and read their content.

I want to find a successful man to fully provide for me. I have good looks. Please tell me where to find such a person and what needs to be done for this?

Or hear what women are talking about in real life.

- How much should your husband bring into the house?

- I think that not less than 500 thousand rubles a month!

(Do you think this is not too much? After all, 1k100 really earns such an amount, write your opinion in the comments, let's discuss this topic)

I agree that a woman should look for a man to match. But no, more and more often a different picture is observed - the worse a woman looks, the worse her character is and the lower her principles, the higher the requirements for her young man.

At present, it has all come to such an extent that women do not get tired of repeating:

A real man ... must support me ... work hard and earn ... he must have his own car and apartment ... the work must be prestigious ...

And today I want to share with women a few things that are very dear to them and that no blogger will talk about, taking several thousand rubles for courses that help them understand how to make their life successful. Neither a girlfriend from the forum nor a book will tell about this.

Where can I get one to wear on my hands

A man is not some kind of pill or ATM. This is the same living person as a woman who can show feelings, who has certain goals, tasks, thoughts. And he is not born to work for a woman and give her all his money.

Relationships are exchanges, and mutually beneficial. If you want to see any heights from a man (in terms of career, money), then be prepared to provide something in return. The problem lies precisely in the fact that many ladies believe that even not the most attractive appearance will be enough for this.

And, perhaps, the most important thing. About ninety-nine percent of women will never be able to get a successful man.

The first two points can be easily discarded. Imagine that a man does not feel anything, he has no feelings. Until then, no one cares. But with regards to the second - it's a woman!

Only I can give my energy! I create comfort in the house! Let's close our eyes to the fact that these women most often shout that they are not cleaners and cooks, or they require help around the house.

You can't close your eyes to the last point. This is elementary mathematics, and in order to understand it, it is enough to refresh the school knowledge acquired in the fifth grade.

Let's be clear right away : a successful man, who is he? If we consider within the framework of this material, then such a man can be called a wealthy, accomplished person who has a stable, quite acceptable salary (from two hundred thousand rubles a month and more), who has a car, an apartment and much more behind his back.

So, now there is another question:  how many successful men are there? I will answer honestly - a little. And how many women would like to date a successful man and build a marriage with him in the future? Much more. Probably, you have already felt what a clear advantage can be traced here.

You can't share ten apples among a hundred people. They can be cut (that is, a man will have several women at once), but a woman will definitely not be satisfied with this kind of alignment. After all, I'm special, and I should have a whole apple.

Women, on the other hand, spend many years looking after their appearance, learning how to behave beautifully in order to attract the attention of a wealthy man. Do they get it in the end? No. All this time they spend their money, years wasted, and then tearfully watch as their dream shattered into a thousand small pieces.

Do they come to any conclusion after all this? I think no. But we are sure that they were simply unlucky, it was not me who made a mistake, I am special, and I will definitely get the heart of my prince. They often complain about men, saying that the problem lies precisely in them.

But at the same time, women do not want to think that successful gentlemen may not be enough for everyone. The thought does not come to mind that if you can’t offer a man anything, then you should run after him, but not vice versa. Although there are smart ones who understand this fact and run after men themselves.

If you still want to attract the attention of a wealthy man, then you need to at least represent something from yourself, and not be a dummy.

We conclude from the above. This type of woman has 2 choices. The first case is to lower the bar to a more adequate level, i.e. take into account men equal to themselves.

The second is to constantly live in dreams and wait for that same prince. Maybe he will come, solve all the pressing problems and take you to his house. Some may be lucky, others may not.