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Relationship problems make people change, but does it help save them? Here are some cases where you don't need to.

 There are people who want a normal relationship, but they, to put it mildly, are not always lucky. They try to change themselves in different directions, but still fail.

This can often be found on the Internet by comments: "We need to try to behave differently", "Someone, answer me, who did it work like that?"

They cannot understand what is the reason, and they begin to draw out a relationship plan, while others fall off halfway through. Then the person decides to "be within the boundaries", and tries on the image of the former / former.

Such behavior implies, first of all, BEHAVIOR. It's not a lack of action. From another point of view, these are not your attempts to get into relationships and manage them.

Passive behavior

Complete passivity is closely connected with hopes and thoughts towards the opposite person. Those. in a previous relationship, a person wanted to decide everything, to control the other, but the other from such an attitude slowly got rid of him.

With passive behavior, the manager does not want to get rid of the second, on the contrary, he is only attracted more strongly. He limits himself in actions, but at the same time he makes joint plans, imagines the steps of another person, wants to control him.

But at the same time, he is not going to do anything. It turns out that all this happens only in his head. In it, a person has a lot of thoughts, and one can imagine what he brings with his inactivity.

His figure becomes an idol

But at the same time, the person was in the hope that passivity could save him from addiction.

The main problem of managers lies not in their behavior, but in their attitudes. They make plans not in the context of the current situation, but suddenly. Further, they want to direct a person towards their own plans, or they are waiting for all this to happen by itself.

The next question is: what are managers waiting for? The simple answer is that it does not depend on their will in any way. They gradually lose energy, and then depression, anxiety and apathy await them.

In order not to be in such a state, they push the other person in the direction of the actions they need. The man resists, but they all decided a long time ago. That is why they push first, and then they drag.

All pictures of a manager at the beginning of a relationship are the fruit of his rich imagination

In reality, none of this exists. It is extremely difficult for a guy or a girl to meet all the points, so the manager will have a specific choice. In such relationships, people always justify their violated boundaries, if it were not for ... then I would ...

The constant running after inaccessible people is always tiring, and therefore managers begin to meet with those who suit them. There is a specificity here. The new woman is worse in everything, and the man decides that she must do everything herself and begins to become passive.

The new girl is ready to take steps forward, and the manager is happy about it. He periodically recalls the former and says that a bird in the hands is better than a crane in the sky. The other looks at passivity and gets angry about it, turning into a manager again. The result is mutual hatred.

The manager is waiting for constant problems, for them people are a thing with a price tag in the store. Their understanding is this: they are in the Arctic and are constantly trying to exchange a swimsuit for a yurt. Therefore, nothing will work out either in the current or in the future relations.

You do not purchase things, and if it were the other way around, then you first need to choose a product, and it should choose you. Joint plans must converge. Then the actions will be within the boundaries.

What kind of pictures then can we talk about a couple of days after the next acquaintance? How do you know what you will look like in ten years and whether you will even be alive?

Normal people will not invent anything after meeting a person. They cannot know how bad or good things will be.

If you feel that you are suitable for another person, then do not demand the impossible from him.