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She assured me that she was just friends with a childhood friend, but in reality it turned out that once is not considered.

 “A husband is one thing, but a good friend is completely different,” Olga reasoned. - "I have not been with my husband for so long, but I have known a friend since childhood, I trust him and I can tell him everything I want. I feel very good with him."

Reasoning like this really surprises me. How can you be good friends when you're married? Is your husband not your best friend?

But Olya insisted on her own. In all seriousness, she believed that with a friend you can talk about whatever you want, but this will not work with your husband. She probably thought that her husband would not understand her, would laugh, and then completely twist at her temple. A friend will not condemn, even support.

Why then do you need a husband?

If a woman is in a close relationship with another man, then this will be one hundred percent a prerequisite for the emergence of some kind of attraction between them. And there it will be close to acrobatics. Actually, that's exactly what happened.

Once Olga dressed too frankly and, as it turned out, they were interested in discussing this very topic - acrobatics. Share what and how. A friend, for a long time, wanted to talk with Olya, but was embarrassed to start this topic.

But then he began to tell his most intimate stories, and the girl complained about problems with her husband. So they began to share their thoughts with each other, and a little later they met.

"One time means nothing," Olya hoped.  So she became interested in communicating with other men: a guy at work, some friend from the university.

I made the main conclusion for myself - with her husband she did not have enough bright emotions. And handsome men from other departments are quite interesting to her.

The relationship between her and her husband began to deteriorate seriously. He gradually fell into apathy, he did not want to do anything, all day long he senselessly lay on the couch or played with some kind of toys. Olga began to treat him with a certain contempt.

Now many will begin to feel sorry for her husband, and scold her herself. But the problem is that both spouses are to blame. They never learned to communicate with each other. I'll explain why.

It is important to discuss problems in the family

Why did the husband begin to ignore the existence of a friend altogether? I would be against it if I were him. Why did he mock his wife's feelings and problems? Did he care about them or not?

Given the fact that Olya told her secrets only to a friend, we can conclude that it was inconvenient for her to discuss them with her own husband.

And to make the dialogue pleasant and good, and not to laugh at the wife - that was the responsibility of the man. I did not want to listen to her - she found someone who wanted to.

The husband is responsible for the fact that his wife began to cheat on him by all 50%, which is why he now suffers from depression and a daily bad state.

What to do in such a situation? Let's take a closer look at each of the points.

1. To file for divorce or not, having such friends is a personal matter for everyone. However, learn how to speak correctly with your woman, listen, and most importantly - hear her problems, requests so that she does not run to tell them to others. This is quite obvious.

2. You can't blame the other half for everything. You need to learn to find some responsibility in yourself, to admit your mistakes. For example: "Yes, if I did everything differently, then perhaps none of this would have happened," and not: "All women are fools."

3. Do not avoid quarrels and conflicts, but learn to solve them as correctly as possible. It is important to understand that all the experiences and resentments that a man has in the process of a quarrel with his wife are all those emotions that prevent him from thinking correctly in the future. You need to calm down, take a break, but be sure to return to the conflict in order to correctly resolve it.