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The difference of 13 years played a role in this relationship. Talking about the benefits of relationships with peers

 “He is too young, but not a teenager either, a completely accomplished man. We are interested together,” the client said at one of the sessions.

During the next conversation, she began to express dissatisfaction with her partner, and I realized that the couple would soon part.

Dispelling the myths

As a psychologist, I explained to my clients more than once that an unsuccessful marriage and age are not a reason to let yourself go and believe that it is impossible to start a new relationship.

Thanks to self-care, the right mental attitude, you can look pretty young even at 45+, thereby attracting men of different ages.

However, relationships with someone who is much younger than you are doomed to failure. Of course, a woman wants to please her partner, tries to take care of herself, and he is attracted to experience in her.

But after a while there will be a difference in thinking, attitude to everything that happens and requests. Reality will differ from expectations.

Client story

Ira is 49 years old, and she came to see me after her divorce from her husband. After she regained her confidence, she still continued to visit me once a week.

For a long time she did not want to look for anyone for herself, she said that she enjoys freedom and life, communication with people. But at one of the corporate parties, Irina met a colleague who was 36 years old.

It all started with talking about nothing, and then the calls, mutual sympathy went on. Relations became more serious, but six months later they broke up.

Such an outcome could be easily predicted, but it was important that Irina herself made such a decision. The reason for the separation is a mismatch of life views and values.

Pavel wanted romance, intimacy, impressions, Irina - stability and a clear future. She did not like the huge amount of intimacy, and the young man constantly wanted to meet friends.

Age difference matters

Irina did not like such a life. Another impetus for parting was the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe financial situation.

Pavel prefers to save some money, and Irina likes to think things through, so she puts some of her salary into a savings account.

After meeting for six months, they both realized that such a relationship would not lead to anything good and parted. Ira was not upset, on the contrary, such a case served her as a lesson.

She understood the most important thing  - she is interesting to men of different age groups, she saw the difference in their thinking, and now she will look for another man more or less consciously.

I would like to emphasize once again that there can be no long-term relationship in a couple where a woman is over 45, and a man is much younger than her. Separation is a matter of time.

If the disintegration does not happen from the very beginning, then in a few years the discomfort will dominate in the relationship between the couple, the needs will grow and there will be no one to satisfy them. The man, most likely, will start looking for a new woman on the side.