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The main mistake of men who decide to leave their wife for another

 The main mistake of a husband leaving a family relationship is glad of another - illusions. It's nice to think that you suddenly fell in love with a woman younger than your wife.

But there are always reasons for that. And it is unlikely that they are in the "bright" nights spent in bed together. This is not sincere love.  And the ability to accept a person as he is and love him simply for the fact that he exists - that's what Love is!

But first about the motives.

Another woman

The more a man achieves in his life, the more he begins to look around. Looking at other ladies.

And before that, solely for the purpose of testing himself - whether he can fool that beauty. And the wife is somewhere there, at home, with the children. Yes, and she is not interested, let her bring up children better.

And it is clear why there is no more interest in her - she sits at home, cooks, does laundry and cleans. Her worries end there.

True, and they take the whole day. Day after day. And even though the husband rarely appears at home, even if he does not pay special attention to children, she endures, because she truly loves him. And he hopes that he will take up his mind and begin to spend more time inside the family.

Only now they no longer have common hobbies, and communication is reduced to “give-bring”.

And it seems that they once sought to make something more out of this couple. Real family . But ran into unjustified expectations. Or they got what they wanted, but they don’t know what they need next.

They wanted children - they are. Live well - and live in abundance. And the man suddenly felt the urge to live for himself, to see the full brightness of life. Yes, look at others.

Somewhere at this stage, she appears - a girl with whom it is fun to just spend time. She is somewhat reminiscent of a wife in past years, before family life.

Or embodies his long-standing "bed" desires, which he and his wife never spoke about. With her help, he realizes his own dream.

And these ladies do not miss their. They do everything to make the man feel completely comfortable.

Giving him satisfaction in every aspect. But only in fact, behind this screen, completely different interests are hidden. And the latter have nothing to do with true love. Even close.


He begins to sincerely believe that this will always be the case. That's just the "other" may want either his status in society and money, or a family.

And the family will invariably lead to a routine, and that other one will also begin to lack sleep, will make scandals. And the "bed" relationship, previously so exquisite, will turn into an ordinary "marital duty."