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These arguments made my friend change a temporary man for a permanent one.

 When a man appears in the life of any girl, for whom she has special feelings, we believe that this is forever, that this is exactly the “one” who can save us from loneliness and fill our life with bright colors.

Alas, this is not always the case.

Gifts, courtship, attention do not at all guarantee you that such a man is in love with you and plans to stay in your life in the future.

Permanent man or temporary?

How, after all, to determine who came into our lives temporarily, and who forever? It is very important at the first stage of acquaintance to understand what kind of person is in front of you.

As you know, all women have a fear of loneliness, because of which all hopes and dreams immediately fall out on any man.

This is approximately the same as starting to build a city, buildings, roads, houses, without first specifying whether you are ready to allocate this territory for construction or not.

It is important to remember that a temporary man will rarely spend time with you, you will not feel good with him. He will take you, for example, to a premiere in a theater, a restaurant, he will walk every evening, he is good, like sunny weather.

He may even invite you to go to the mall with him to buy a dress there, but in reality he wants to admire you in the fitting room more. Whatever you do together, he will please, first of all, himself.

Standing man

And what about the permanent man? He will not take you to a fancy restaurant, but he may notice that the kitchen cabinet is crooked, something will need to be fixed.

Bring medicine while you're sick, take your dog to the vet across town, peel vegetables with you for dinner, start some interesting conversation.

There is another very interesting indicator  - next to a permanent man, a woman preens less and less, in the very depths of her soul she is sure that she will be accepted in an old home dress and in worn-out sneakers.

But for a temporary man, she will try to constantly do her hair, monitor her appearance, and will feel much more constrained.

A temporary man will not linger in life, he will run away as soon as some difficulties appear. Health or money problems are not what he wants.

He wants ease. A permanent man is ready to harness himself to the same wagon with his woman, and pull the strap of life with her.

We wish you not to be deceived, to receive emotions from communicating with your beloved, and never experience pain. Take care of yourself and your feelings!