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These three types of "real" men poison relationships

 Today we will consider the men who surround us in everyday life, and with whom we are forced to interact. Let's consider each type in detail and at the end I will give recommendations on how to properly build a dialogue with such people.

Three types of men

Type 1 - doubting.  It is the most harmless, subject to matriarchal programs, in whose head there are always such questions: “What is happening?”, “Why should a man be able to do everything?”, “Why should I give my entire salary to my wife?”

This type of man does not see the standard of kindness in a woman, he understands that in relationships there is an advantage in the female side. Hundreds of questions are constantly spinning in his head, but there are no answers to them.

How to interact with such people? Since these are harmless people, it is necessary to talk with them. And a lot. Their head is prepared for the perception of the correct information, it is important to push them to the right side.

Type 2 - ordinary.  Perhaps the most widespread type. Such men from an early age absorb all matriarchal attitudes and believe that they were created in this world for 2 things: to make a woman happy and make her even happier. They consider children and family to be the meaning of life.

Unfortunately, such people do not like entertainment, do not run after women and do not achieve them. Losing property during a divorce, they still enter into a new relationship, sincerely believing that this will not happen again.

They also like to appear as noble knights, and when, after a long courtship, their beloved chooses another, they begin to blame themselves.

And the most interesting thing is that such men can be found on almost any rung of the social ladder - from a simple worker to the owner of a large store chain.

How to interact?

The problem lies in the fact that the noble knight is strongly sewn into the personality of a man, and it is impossible to tear him off. You can talk about plans and relationships for hours, and in response, he just nods his head.

But after the conversation, he will immediately forget everything. Such a man does not try to live differently. He may try to play a double game, but in the end, it will all end in failure.

Sometimes, after conversations in the family, problems may begin, in which case he will blame you for everything.

Bottom line:  talking to such people is useless. This type of people can go into the category of doubters, but still nothing will change. Continue to communicate with such people without trying to convince them of something.

Type 3 - ideological. This type can be divided into 2 subtypes:

a) calm. These are the very "real" men that almost all women dream of. They not only adhere to male attitudes, but are proud of it. As a result, such gentlemen after a divorce are left with practically nothing.

Or a man is aware that his wife has worked up a child, but still continues to raise him. Such a man will be proud that he got another job and bought expensive jewelry for his wife. He is also glad that the salary is in the hands of his wife.

b) Aggressive. Such men can often be found in the comments: "What did they write here ?!", "We must work, not honor with tongues!" etc. They can easily get into disputes between you and a woman, protecting her.

He is able to substitute, if it will bring at least some benefit to the woman. Such a man can easily pounce on another with just one gesture from his woman.

How to interact? It is necessary to try to communicate with them to a minimum, and if you meet such people at work, try to keep your joint affairs only within the framework of work.