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This phrase is said when they truly love and it is not: "I love you"

 The longer the relationship lasts, the more common the phrase “I love you” sounds in them. For many, it ceases to carry value. And even if it is given importance, that awe that was before is no longer there.

Each of the partners pronounces it with good frequency. Later, it is used as a "farewell".

For example, during a telephone conversation. And it is no longer possible to emphasize especially important points.

Yes, there are people who   don’t mean anything by the phrase “I love you” at all. It just is and is said formally.

So, if a person is loved, you can use a lot of other phrases to express your sincere feelings. And we will talk about one particular one - the one that gives out the real message of a person. This phrase speaks of love more than others. And in the head it does not appear out of nowhere.

It's about the phrase "It's good that you exist."  Yes, the latter is both simple and at first glance even banal.

But something more is hidden behind this shell - a person really rejoices that he has such a partner; that it was with him, by order of fate, that he was next to him. Unlike “I love you”, there is no selfishness here (after all, the first one begins with the pronoun “I”).

Looking at words from the other side

But if you go further and look at the phrase from the other side, you can understand that it is even deeper. The latter also expresses the absence of requirements, the acceptance of a partner as he is.

That they really love him, regardless of his financial situation, advantages and disadvantages. Just happy to be around.

This phrase is a great test of feelings. Doubting their authenticity, think about whether you are grateful to the person next to you. Are you so grateful that you are just glad to have him in your life?

If you can say it from the bottom of your heart, then there really is love in you towards your partner.

There is also a phrase opposite to it - "it would be nice if you did not exist at all." And it is an absolute indicator that "love has passed, the tomatoes have withered."

Having heard it once, just leave, nothing can be restored in this relationship. Further, they can only degrade and obey.

So it turns out that words are not just a set of sounds. They have a certain meaning. And even such a banal phrase as “it’s good that you exist” can become the basis of true love.

Therefore, be sure to watch what words you use in relation to other people - do not hurt them with them. Happiness to you and may a person be prepared for everyone with whom he will simply feel good!