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We decided to live with my wife in different rooms and not to enter without asking

 - Listen, can you put on your headphones, it's too loud?!

- No, you go to the kitchen!

Approximately such dialogues with my wife we ​​had about 7-8 years ago. At some point, we realized that it was really hard to sit in the same room all day and night without resting from each other. Then she turns on the music, and in the meantime I work.

Then I interfere with her with the client, while talking on Skype, they say, I can’t finish reading the book in any way.

Surprisingly, we were actually constantly in the same room. I can’t walk neatly, and in general I stomp loudly, so I distract her from business a lot. My wife loves to open the windows often, and I hate the cold.

When we moved to the capital thirteen years ago, we constantly lived in one-room apartments.

After a while, they began to look for a two-room apartment so that each of us could enjoy a good rest. I remember it was in 2015. I will definitely not live in a single room anymore.

What a pleasure it was. My wife wants to listen to music - listens, I can work when and how I want. I had a small sofa in my room, I could sleep as long as I wanted, and no one bothered me. The work has become much more efficient.

Another important point appeared - knocking on the door, if you need to go in, you can’t enter without asking. On the one hand, it looked ridiculous, but on the other hand, it is an important indicator of respect for personal space. You can't just break in, please ask permission. If you don't want to see anyone, refuse.

When it came time to purchase our own housing, we decided that we would have at least a couple of rooms. As a result, it turned out even better - they found a three-room apartment. We are sleeping well now.

Someone will say that a wife and husband, who live in separate rooms, gradually begin to become neighbors, but this is not so. We always watched movies together, just chatted. After the baby was born, the situation changed a little: Conclusion: try to divide the apartment for personal space