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What is the difference between male and female cheating? Three main mistakes of a walking wife

 I think that female infidelity is much worse. Why, you ask? How men cheat - “I’m returning from a business trip, and this Masha is nothing, for a change, but my wife, Lyubka, is a hundred times better. You need to delete the records, wash your shirt so that she doesn’t notice anything. buy, and write to Masha to lag behind.

And here is how women cheat: “The husband sticks out constantly at work, is inattentive, only money is on his mind. And I want attention. Where is he, my prince ?!

Oh, I finally met him! Fell in love! I can not live without love, I am like that! Looks into the eyes, says compliments, yes, that's exactly it. But it's not my fault that this happened. This is my husband, I will tell him why and in what he is wrong.

First, I’ll tell you about the new one, because it will be easier, honestly, I’ll tell you a lot of things. Best thing to do is file for divorce. After all, with the prince I have everything seriously.  Where are you, my prince?! What, you were probably afraid that I would want to marry you?

The main mistakes women make when cheating

1. Women fall in love, and everyone knows that love is evil. Loving a stranger you see a couple of times a week is pretty easy. And a husband who constantly blows his nose nearby, snores - a hundred times more difficult.

2. Women are used to justifying themselves, while making a goat out of their husband. Treason for them is not a victory, not a conquest of something, there is simply nothing to be proud of. And so that no one about her, including herself, thinks badly of herself, it is necessary to find fault for her husband.

This happens on an unconscious level. Sometimes it even lasts for months, in rare cases - for years. Sometimes, a woman herself brings her husband to infidelity, and then she begins to walk.

3. They believe in princes that don't exist , without taking into account the fact that a man wants more than loves. And only the husband loves, because he got married (and for some men this is a feat).

It was he who exchanged all the women of the world for you, he will give, if necessary, his life. The lover pursues one goal - to fuck you. For him, this is a victory, most likely another one. Whatever he says.

Are there situations where men behave in exactly the same way as women? Yes! But are they men after that?