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Where to find time for training if you have a wife, children, work and a dog?

 Yes, nowhere to be found ... That's the truth. Daily life takes up too much time. Earn money. Help wife. Raise children. And in the evening you also have to walk the dog.

But seriously, a person who likes to train will always find time for his favorite pastime. I have one friend who is simply amazing in his productivity.

The man is about 40 years old. Wife. Two children. There is a dog and a cat. At the same time, the man develops his business. Clinic for children. In theory ... after all this, he should just come home and go to bed. But no. I often see him at the gym. It turns out that he is also interested in hockey, at an amateur level.

Of course, not everyone is as energetic as my friend. But everyone can find 20 minutes for physical education. And all the excuses “I don’t have time, desire, opportunity, health” indicate that a person does NOT like to train.

And you don't have to do what you don't like. You just need to find an activity that will be to your liking. After all, man was created to move. And it doesn't have to be a gym. You can run through the forest, skiing. Skates. Bike. But you never know how many more different sports there are.

And a person who likes activity will always find time for his favorite pastime. So experiment, look for your sport! 

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