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Why is it important for women to know how much their chosen one earns

 Recently I came across one study - women from all over the world are interested in men with money. Men themselves are interested in women who are younger and with a figure.

Why is this happening? There will be two answers to this question - one convenient for many, but wrong. The second is uncomfortable, but true.

Bitter truth or sweet lie?

The first option - an incorrect but convenient answer - when women are attributed to innate greed. They say they are, because the genes take their toll. At best, they will blame the culture, as if modern propaganda has completely destroyed the younger generation.

Why can't this answer be correct? In psychology, this is called dispositionism - the belief that a person has something innate that will always influence behavior. And it has the same effect.

But social psychologists have long proven that an innate quality is certainly present, but only its influence is greatly exaggerated. In reality, factors of the situation have an increasing influence on a person. That is why this state is called situationism.

Situationism is extremely inconvenient - instead of simply and clearly explaining everything, it makes a person move the brain convolutions, and this attracts far from everyone. However, if you want to understand others better, then simple explanations should be avoided. They are almost always wrong.

Now consider the two real reasons

I wonder what will be the answer to the question:  "Why do women choose a wealthy man?"

Probably like this: "Because a woman gets money harder than a man."

There are at least two most important reasons for this. First, there is a prejudice against women. The same males can tell that all women are greedy and mercenary, but at the same time claim that she has no place in a highly paid job. Excuse me, but how then do you have to earn money if they don’t want to hire you for a job that pays a decent wage?

In addition, these men cannot provide any evidence, they only repeat "But I know, there was one case ..." But this does not diminish the bias in any way, but on the contrary, it adds. It also reduces the chances of women getting good jobs.

However, there is another bias, already on the part of a woman against herself. Like, probably, it’s still not mine, and I shouldn’t go to this job.

Secondly, a girl's career can be drastically slowed down by the birth of a child. This is clearly seen in the collection "Women and Men of Russia".

Employers in their youth may refuse, they say, you will give birth and quickly go on maternity leave. And when she has already given birth, she will not be hired, because there will be too many sick days.

Men are not like that at all. Let's say the firstborn was born when he was 25 years old. In this case, the man’s experience will not be interrupted, since he will not go on maternity leave.

A woman, on the other hand, can more or less climb the career ladder only if the child is able to stay at home alone. Simply put, he must be 12 years old, no less.

And this is considering the fact that if a woman does not give birth, emotional pressure from others begins (doctors, friends, relatives, and the husband himself). If you put the average man in exactly this situation, he will immediately think about where he could find a wallet.

So, as for me, everything is obvious here - a balance is needed. As soon as men begin to go on maternity leave along with women, and career prospects cease to depend on gender, then a woman's interest in men's money will noticeably disappear.